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Teen’s Responsibility to Parents, Pastor & Church

This is the first in a three lesson series on the responsibilities God has given our young people, parents, Pastors and the Church concerning one another.

God's blessings, parents responsibility, teen responsibility
Lessons doc(x) Paul Nappier
YOU 1: Gender & Spiritual Identity

Looking at the world”s view in comparison to God”s view of our gender identity and our spiritual identity is sometimes skewed. The world says to identify yourself one way but the truth of the Bible says another way. This lesson talks about the challeRead More…

gender, identity, perspective, spiritual
Lessons, Other pdf GYD Staff
go, practical, reach
Lessons, Other doc(x) Joshua Carson
You. 2

Small groups

Lessons, Other doc(x) Joshua Carson

Small Groups Resource

Lessons doc(x) Joshua Carson
More Than Just Going Out With God

What it means to have relationship with God. Helps younger teens and adolescents understand that relationship with God is more than just going out with Him.

Serious, Young Teens, commitment, relationship
Lessons doc(x) Nathan Wells
A Mountain Out of A Morsel

How something small can escalate into something large and looming. Explores the life of Esau and how a morsel became a mountain in his life. Singling out the small foxes that spoil the vine.

Overcoming, Sin, mistakes
Lessons doc(x) Nathan Wells
Willing to Wrestle (Revision with youth attention grabber.)

Same as the original resource only this time I have corrected much of the grammar and inserted an attention grabber at the beginning.

God, fear, running, wrestling
Lessons doc(x) Nathan Wells
fish, freedom
Lessons jpg GYD Staff
The Guilt Factor – Lesson 1

A four week series on guilt and how to understand it. In today”s society, guilt is a driving element that pushes people to proverbial limit. Learn how to identify, isolate, and heal the effects of guilt with Nate”s dynamic lesson. The slick graphic dRead More…

depression, freedom, guilt, repentance
Lessons pdf Wayne Francis
Real Relationships – Why God Made Parents PowerPoint

A great compliment to the lesson!

God, parent ministry, parents, powerpoint, real, relationships
Lessons PowerPoint Wayne Francis
Real Relationships – Why God Made Parents

Great lesson on the importance of recognizing the role of parents in student ministry.

Lessons doc(x) Wayne Francis
One Hour Photomat

I am not suggesting that we all move into caves to avoid the culture to come. I love technological advancement as much as any human in existence. I even suggest we understand and use every avenue we can. My charge to you is simply this: We cannot forgeRead More…

Technology, culture
Lessons doc(x) Ryan Barton
Immortal Kombat 1

The first installment of a series dealing with spiritual warfare.

prayer, spiritual, warfare
Lessons doc(x) Wayne Francis
Four How To’s of How to Be an Effective Runner

Running is a tough thing to do for some. But there are key issues attached to being an effective runner. This lesson talks about four keys to running (Strength, Stamina, Psychology & Baggage).

encouragement, running, strength
Lessons doc(x) GYD Staff
No Substitute for Being with Jesus

We need to imitate Jesus

Character, Imitation, Pray
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
Can I Trust the Bible Part 2

Reliability of the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons PowerPoint Shawn Stickler
Can I Trust the Bible

Reliability of the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons PowerPoint Shawn Stickler
Can I Trust the Bible

Building confidence in the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
It’s a Matter of the Heart

Do you love God enought to obey Him?

Heart, Obedience
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
Winning the War Against Yourself – Session 1

The first session of the Winning the War Against Yourself series by Danny Rivers.

control, self, war, winning
Lessons doc(x) Wayne Francis
Lessons from Jericho

Lessons that we can learn from Jericho

Victory, Walls, worship
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
Winning the War Against Yourself – Temptation

Next to Jesus you are your own best friend, but next to the devil, you are your own worst enemy.If you are going to live a victorious Christian life, you’re going to have to not only learn how to defeat the devil, but you’re also going to have to lRead More…

flesh, lust, temptation, war
Lessons doc(x) GYD Staff
Winning the War Against Yourself – Apathy

How many of you realize that all that we’re doing…is a race…In a race there are always winners and losers…It’s hard enough to run this race without all of the junk hanging off of us…Most of the stuff we’re carrying around…we’ve put onRead More…

apathy, laziness, war
Lessons doc(x) GYD Staff
The Spies of Connection

Five major companies create and control culture. They do it through the power of connection.

Lessons doc(x) Wayne Francis