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Be your authentic Christian self.

authentic, genuine, shake it off, unique, youth, youth lesson, youth service
Lessons, Other, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
Marriage Lab Session Notes from #TCM16

Lesson notes from Marriage Lab Session #3 from August 5, 2016 TCM.

#TCM16, Notes, TCM, Youth Worker, community, create, marriage
Lessons, Other, Seasonal, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
Whats for dinner – Application

A short 20 minute message / devotional on the application of the word of God in our lives. This was the final message to a two month devotional series of various applications of scripture.

application, scripturel, word
Lessons pdf Daniel Morton-Jones
Afraid of the Light | Sermon/Lesson

This is a lesson/sermon about the light of God and its role in our life. Preview: 1. The light of God Illuminates The light if God can change your life, no matter how dark it looks, how dark it’s been, or how dark you feel. If you have not received theRead More…

Faith, fear, illuminate, lesson, light, sermon
Lessons doc(x), jpg, psd Daniel Bernard
The Race | Student Lesson/Sermon Series

“The Race” is a 4 week lesson series designed to show students how to live for God on a daily basis. As Christians we are all called to run this race with endurance and keep our on the finish line. Week 1 | The Prep Week 2 | Hustle Week 3 | The Wall WeRead More…

Race, Run, Will, endure, follow, lesson, series, will of God
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, psd Daniel Bernard
Sent | Lesson/Sermon Series

We have all been SENT by God to do amazing things. This series was created to illuminate to students how easy it is to follow the leading of the Spirit. Too often students equate the will of God with some grand guesture or leap of faith, when many timeRead More…

Calling, Will, follow, sent
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, mov, psd Daniel Bernard
Insight into Social Media (for parents)

Some basic facts about some main social media networks that parents can look into. Definitely not a comprehensive look into ALL apps, social media, etc. Not even an in-depth look into all of the facets of each of these included. But this should be a grRead More…

Media, parents, social
Lessons, Online Resources doc(x), jpg Seth Boyte
Navigating Social Media

Navigating Social Media with a Biblical worldview

Media, biblical, social, worldview
Lessons doc(x) Seth Boyte
The Purity Code

Purity code is very similar to Worth The Wait. This 4 week lesson was adapted from the book “The Purity Code” and I’ve used quite a few resources to add to this series. Deals very directly with moral purity.

Sexual, moral, purity, sex
Lessons doc(x) Seth Boyte
Every Young Man’s Battle (Comprehensive Outline)

Comprehensive & detailed outline of the book: Every Young Man’s Battle. I gave this to our parents a few years back of the young men that we were doing a book study with.

Battle, Sexual, every, man's, moral, purity, young
Lessons pdf Seth Boyte
Once Upon A Time Youth Series

This 8 wk series is based off the characters of "Once Upon A Time". Included in each lesson is the Instagram promo, 1920×1080 Title Slide, Scripture slide and lesson both in pdf or word format. Also comes with Coming soon slide.

Lessons, Once upon a time, Youth Series
Lessons URL Ron Hinkle
Once Upon A Time Youth Series

This 8 wk series is based off the characters of "Once Upon A Time". Included in each lesson is the Instagram promo, 1920×1080 Title Slide, Scripture slide and lesson both in pdf or word format. Also comes with Coming soon slide.

Lessons, Once upon a time, Youth Series
Lessons URL Ron Hinkle
Transformation or Conformation

A simple lesson about the importance of being Transformed into the image of Christ rather than being Conformed to the world.

Lessons pdf David Tapia
Awe of God

Some notes on the physical greatness of God

Lessons doc(x) Warren Hardin
The Apostolic Church

Acts 2:42. I taught this lesson to my Sunday School kids and it really got a hold of them. This breaks down a lot of items that people have questions about.

Lessons pdf Johnny Martinez
Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling

This lesson is about making students aware that they should be living a life worthy of the calling that God has on their life. Even if they do not know what that calling is, they should be living a Godly life.I did include personal example.

Calling, living, worthy
Lessons doc(x) Kayla Driskill
History of the Apostolic Movement- Four Week Series

This is a four week lesson series on Apostolic history. I used in for my group and it went very well. It has not been gramatically checked and is still in the process of being expanded, but I have seen people requesting something like this.

Azusa Street Revival, Pentecostal Doctrine, Revival, apostolic history, church history
Fund Raising Ideas, Lessons doc(x) Zachary Priddy
School Excuse Form

Formal letter to the Schools so student can get an excused absence for a Church related event.

Absence, Camp, Excuse, Form, HYC, NAYC, event
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Forms, Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Promotional Ads, Seasonal doc(x) Matthew Smith
We have a LOT to deal with

Not everyone who comes into our lives, needs to stay in our lives. The company you keep matters because the wrong affiliations in your life can lead to wrong destinations for your life. This lesson breaks down the damaging relationship between Lot andRead More…

Abraham, Lot, Voices, friendships, relationships
Lessons pdf Nate Smith

Fresh is a three-week series about helping students make the most of the new year. This series is designed to challenge your students to receive a fresh START, move forward with fresh FOCUS, and ultimately, produce fresh FRUIT. Some of the content mayRead More…

Fruit, begin, focus, fresh, new, start, year
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf Daniel Phillips
Homie Roast

Came up with this as an opening/ice breaker idea at the start of the "Power of the Tongue" series. Reversing the thought of an actual "roast"….I decided to each week have a different member sit in front of the group and one at a tRead More…

Crowd-breakers, Lessons jpg Patrick Carr
The Gospel in Focus / Called to the Gospel

The Gospel is not Acts 2:38. The Gospel is that man sinned, sin carries a penalty but God, rich in mercy, became a man, lived the life I couldn’t, worthy of a righteous reward, but took my sin to the cross, paid the penalty with his life and was raisedRead More…

Calling, focus, gospel, salvation
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Troy Sing
I hATE Christmas

A 3 week series during Christmas. Anticipate, Separate, Celebrate.

Gifts, Separation, anticipate, celebration, christmas, love, series
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal, Stock Images, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, mp4 Kyle Holt
Setting and Reaching Spiritual Goals

A simple lesson on setting and reaching spiritual goals

Lessons doc(x) Jason Ouellette

A 3 week series on resisting temptation. This series deals with 3 major lies, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. When students learn to “resist” they’ll watch the devil flee.

Lies, Overcoming, Pride, lust, resist, resisting, temptation
Lessons Collection, doc(x) Nate Smith