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Practical Athiest

You say you believe in God. Do you really? Do you live your life as if God is in the room, or do you assume He’s not paying attention? You call yourself a Christian. Are you who you say you are? This is 4 week series. All the materials are free to downRead More…

Athiest, Character, Christians, Confession, Faithfulness
Lessons, Online Resources URL Arnulfo "Fifo" Velazquez
No Substitute for Being with Jesus

We need to imitate Jesus

Character, Imitation, Pray
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
An Attitude Adjustment

We need to have the mind of Christ. Our attiude should be one of servanthood.

Character, Christlike, Servanthood, Unity, attitude
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
Character Development by the Holy Ghost

Character, Fruit, Holy Ghost, Working, holiness
Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell