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Let No One Despise Your Youth

A lesson diving into 1 Timothy 4:12 about living a Christian life.

Christian living, youth
Lessons doc(x) Jason Cook
A Servant’s Heart

A lesson on Joseph and having a servant’s heart.

Jospeh, servant, servant's heart
Lessons doc(x) Jason Cook
Gifts of the Spirit

This series is taken from Bro. Stoneking.

Gifts of the Spirit
Lessons doc(x) Jason Cook
The Tabernacle Plan

These are my notes for the Tabernacle series I did with our youth. I adapted the study from the Pentecostal Bible Study Course by E. Rohn. Feel free to edit away. I finished the series with a look into Joshua, who decided to dwell around the tabernacleRead More…

Moses' Tabernacle, Tabernacle Plan
Lessons doc(x) Jason Cook
The Prayer Playlist Guide

I created the playlist to assist students in praying different parts of prayer include praise, repentance, their friends and family, God’s direction for their life, and ending it with thanksgiving. The guide can be given out to a student who is new inRead More…

Lessons doc(x) Jon Lachney
A Call for Altar Workers

This was a lesson I gave to our students during our “Call to Ministry” series. Hope it helps.   P.S. I’ve been told the work sheet is kinda tough, let me know and I’ll send the filled in sheet.

Lessons, Online Resources doc(x) Marcus Sawyer
Be-Attitudes for Ladies

This 3 week series is intended to teach teen ladies the important principles of the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5.  The series highlights these “beautiful attitudes” and calls them Be-Attitudes!

Beatitudes, Sunday School, attitude, girls, ladies, series, teens
Lessons doc(x) Tim Vik
I’m A Man!

This 3 week series is intended to teach boys how to be Godly men.  The lesson discusses being a man at work, in play, with others, and in prayer.

Sunday School, boys, lesson, man, men, series, teens
Lessons doc(x) Tim Vik
Justice League

This is a five week series that highlights five heroes from the Justice League. Superman Green Lantern Batman The Flash Wonder Woman We look at three attributes for each one, and make a spiritual application to the students using scripture. It was a loRead More…

Lessons doc(x), jpg, psd, zip Matt Silveira
Be a Leader Now!

This lesson intends to show students that they can be leaders right where they are! So many times, students set up imaginary things that have to be met before they can do anything for God or lead people to Him, but God intends that they lead right wherRead More…

lead, leadership, lesson
Lessons doc(x), jpg Daniel Bernard
Mountains – A four week series on overcoming spiritual mountains in your life

This is a four week series on climbing spiritual mountains. Many times in life we become overwhelmed by obstacles in our life and we need to rely on our spiritual training and tools to get us through it. The theme of this series is Mt Everest and contaRead More…

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, doc(x), jpg, pages, pdf, psd, zip Anthony Roberts

Now that we know that prayer is merely communication, and hopefully we have established a rapport with God through our simple conversations with Him in our daily lives, we can maintain an active prayer life if we have a SYSTEMATIC and COMPLETE prayer.

Lessons, Spiritual Maturity, fasting, prayer, spiritual growth
Lessons doc(x) Helen Kebasen

This is a small group study about staying focused on the mission Christ has commissioned us to do. Along the journey there will be roadblocks and setbacks, however these obstacles should not cause us to give up and quit. Instead, we should get up and fRead More…

Mission, Olympics, leadership, outreach
Lessons doc(x) Hank Hayes
Grandma’s Jesus | Lesson/Sermon

My grandparents grew up in a DIFFERENT WORLD! What lessons can we learn about their relationship with Jesus? This lesson dives into what Grandma’s Jesus looked like. Preview: “Relationship with God isn’t an accident. There are some amazing things I canRead More…

lesson, passion, perseverance, perspective, relationship
doc(x), jpg, psd Daniel Bernard
Afraid of the Light | Sermon/Lesson

This is a lesson/sermon about the light of God and its role in our life. Preview: 1. The light of God Illuminates The light if God can change your life, no matter how dark it looks, how dark it’s been, or how dark you feel. If you have not received theRead More…

Faith, fear, illuminate, lesson, light, sermon
Lessons doc(x), jpg, psd Daniel Bernard
The Race | Student Lesson/Sermon Series

“The Race” is a 4 week lesson series designed to show students how to live for God on a daily basis. As Christians we are all called to run this race with endurance and keep our on the finish line. Week 1 | The Prep Week 2 | Hustle Week 3 | The Wall WeRead More…

Race, Run, Will, endure, follow, lesson, series, will of God
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, psd Daniel Bernard
Sent | Lesson/Sermon Series

We have all been SENT by God to do amazing things. This series was created to illuminate to students how easy it is to follow the leading of the Spirit. Too often students equate the will of God with some grand guesture or leap of faith, when many timeRead More…

Calling, Will, follow, sent
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, mov, psd Daniel Bernard
Insight into Social Media (for parents)

Some basic facts about some main social media networks that parents can look into. Definitely not a comprehensive look into ALL apps, social media, etc. Not even an in-depth look into all of the facets of each of these included. But this should be a grRead More…

Media, parents, social
Lessons, Online Resources doc(x), jpg Seth Boyte
Navigating Social Media

Navigating Social Media with a Biblical worldview

Media, biblical, social, worldview
Lessons doc(x) Seth Boyte
Faithless and Fearless

2 week sermon series regarding a lack of faith and a lack of fear. Graphics included.

Faith, faithless, fear, fearless, series, sermon
Image, doc(x), jpg, mov Seth Boyte
The Purity Code

Purity code is very similar to Worth The Wait. This 4 week lesson was adapted from the book “The Purity Code” and I’ve used quite a few resources to add to this series. Deals very directly with moral purity.

Sexual, moral, purity, sex
Lessons doc(x) Seth Boyte
<18yrs old Baptism Permission Form

Baptism form we use for students under 18 years old. I have adapted a couple of other versions from other churches – this is simply my version – feel free to download and edit as you wish!

Form, baptism, minor
Forms doc(x) Seth Boyte
Student Questionnaire

This student questionnaire is a starting place for you to use when desired. We use it for in the beginning of the year to make sure we have updated contact info as well as asking a few pointed questions about the direction they see themselves going inRead More…

Information, contact, gathering, planning, questions
Online Resources, Other doc(x) Seth Boyte
Awe of God

Some notes on the physical greatness of God

Lessons doc(x) Warren Hardin
Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling

This lesson is about making students aware that they should be living a life worthy of the calling that God has on their life. Even if they do not know what that calling is, they should be living a Godly life.I did include personal example.

Calling, living, worthy
Lessons doc(x) Kayla Driskill