This page contains a variety of resources designed to assist you, the youth worker, in personal development, along with equipping you to successfully and effectively accomplish 21st century apostolic youth ministry in your local church and community.

  • Ideas for Activites and Events to involve your youth.

  • Call Podcast

    37 resources

    Student Ministry Conference Call Archives.

  • Crowd-breakers

    95 resources

    Games and activities that will get your youth event started in a fun, and energizing way.

  • Drama / Skits

    45 resources

    Great dramas and skits that your group can perform during youth events, church services, or street ministry.

  • Forms

    84 resources

    Useful forms for youth ministries.

  • Fund Raising Ideas

    86 resources

    Helpful ideas you can use to get your students started in raising funds.

  • Job Descriptions

    25 resources

    Job descriptions for youth ministry positions.

  • Lessons

    912 resources

    Bible studies, devotions, and object lessons relevant to youth today.

  • Online Resources

    46 resources

    Resources you can find on the Internet.

  • Other

    337 resources

    Everything else we haven't put into another category yet. 🙂

  • Backgrounds you can use in your PowerPoint presentations.

  • Promotional Ads

    47 resources

    Promote your event or ministry.

  • Seasonal

    32 resources

    Resources applicable to various seasons of the year.

  • Stock Images

    128 resources

    Images for your ministry use.

  • Testimonials

    22 resources

    Testimonies on what God has been doing in the lives of our youth, and youth group ministries.

  • Media that can engage your students in an effective way.

  • Youth Room Photos

    75 resources

    Examples of youth ministry rooms.

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