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SFC17 – Cover The Earth – Countdown

I have created (with permission from the GYD) a SFC17 Cover The Earth countdown. Please feel free to download this source to use at SFC Kickoff Rally’s, Youth Services, and Camps. I hope that this resource will enhance your media package.   PleaseRead More…

Cover The Earth, SFC, countdown, video
Online Resources, Other, Video Clips / Countdowns mp4 Marcus Beecham
Prayz 101 (Opener to Youth Service)

This video makes for a good opener to a youth service.. Very fun and about worship. Hope it gives you a laugh also!

Prayz 101, countdown, icebreaker, service opener, youth service
Crowd-breakers, Video Clips / Countdowns Emilio Garza
Basic Countdown

A good countdown for the begging of service.

Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Jenny Follmer
Ready, Set, Go! – Countdown Maker

Free software you can use to create your own countdowns of any length. Easy to edit, easy to play on Mac or PC.

countdown, mac, pc, software, video
Other, Video Clips / Countdowns URL Derek Borders
Free Countdown Website

Website listing of some free countdowns

Other URL Jordon McGee
Countdown Site

Website that offers quick to download free countdowns.

Other URL GYD Staff

Neon Streamy LightsWindows Media Format1.6MB

countdown, video
Other GYD Staff

Neon Streamy LightsMP4 Format5MB

countdown, video
Other GYD Staff
PowerPoint Countdown

Powerpoint countdown starting at 50.

countdown, youth service
Other PowerPoint Aaron Meehan
30Second Countdown – Waves

countdown, waves
Other URL, wmv GYD Staff
90sec Countdown – dark yellow

dark yellow 90sec countdown w/audio – WMV format

countdown, flow, yellow
Other URL, wmv GYD Staff