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Be your authentic Christian self.

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Lessons, Other, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
Job List, How-to, and Responiblities for youth of a Student Service

Gives a detailed list on the jobs of youth service and how to do them.

Detailed list, How to, Organization, Student service, To Do, student, youth, youth service
Activities / Events, Forms, Job Descriptions, Other doc(x) Donald Ellis
Prayz 101 (Opener to Youth Service)

This video makes for a good opener to a youth service.. Very fun and about worship. Hope it gives you a laugh also!

Prayz 101, countdown, icebreaker, service opener, youth service
Crowd-breakers, Video Clips / Countdowns Emilio Garza
Job Description_Youth Service Coordinator

You ever had a ministry to do, but did’t know what you expectations were? It’s not easy to operate that way. Here is a simple (editable) Job Description that may be helpful to you for your local Youth Service Coordinator.

Coordinator, job description, leader, ministry, youth service
Job Descriptions doc(x) Richard Glass
PowerPoint Countdown

Powerpoint countdown starting at 50.

countdown, youth service
Other PowerPoint Aaron Meehan
Youth Service Agenda

agenda, organize, youth service
Forms doc(x) YM Staff