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Sheaves for Christ Success Story and Tips

Our church, Lighthouse UPCI in O’Fallon, MO has experienced tremendous growth in our SFC offerings year after year. This resource is intended to share our story and approach and provide ideas and tips for your upcoming 2014 drive. There are many linksRead More…

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Justin Lowe
Community Sponsors for Student Ministry – RAISING MONEY

This is a campaign we’ve used to raise funds throughout our community with various businesses and so forth. We’ve raised some $6,000 through this concept. The attached file has the exact promotion concept which is current for our needs in our student mRead More…

Fund Raising Ideas pdf Jason Avant
Fundraising Ideas

1.Youth Banquet- Youth take care of this from begining to end. Easily make $3,000 to split between campers. 2.Chocolate Bar Sales- There are different sites on the internet that you can pick from. Youth can take this to school and sell. This one worksRead More…

Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Miguel Garrick
Fundraising Website

Many fundraisin ideas

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Fund Raising Ideas URL Joey Nowell
Fundraising Ideas

Great website with fundraising ideas

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Activities / Events URL Nikki Tiller
144 Envelope Fundraiser

Details for the 144 envelope fundraiser. Simple project that can quickly raise over $10,000.

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Michael Ensey
Something New

Fund Raising Ideas pdf Bernard Cockhem