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Peeled: The Fruit of the Spirit [series]

Series of lessons covering each of the 9 Fruit of the Spirit as listed in Galatians 5. Excellent for emphasizing authentic Christian living and spiritual formation. Promo graphic and handouts included.

Holy Spirit, authentic, fruit of the spirit, galatians, peeled, series, spiritual formation, transformation
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, png Dustin Williams
Who let the Dogs out?

This is a lesson I used in our college age class about how God elevates us from a position of no importance or ability to a place of glory and power next to him.

Lazarus, Mophibosheth, crumbs, dogs, grace, transformation
Lessons URL Greg Neil
Implications of Spirit Infilling

Treatment of Galatians 5 and the implications of Spirit infilling. Strong start for any lesson or series about life transformation or what holy living looks like in real life.

Holy Spirit, holy living, transformation
Lessons, Other pdf GYD Staff