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Breakfast For Dinner

Student Ministry serves Breakfast for Dinner after the mid-week service each Wednesday in the month of October. Have parents donate whatever items you would need such as Pancake Mix, Bacon, Eggs, Orange Juice, Milk, Syrup, Utensils, Etc. Be as simple oRead More…

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Fund Raising Ideas jpg, txt A.J. Galvan
Valentines CRUSH soda cans!

Our youth group went to a grocery store and bought the soda CRUSH. We sold them for a $2.00. So people could buy to have a crush can to give to their "crush". Also, we let them tie a note to the can. For more money you can have the cans delivRead More…

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Destiny George
Green Fundraiser

Looking for a great way to raise thousands of dollars for your school, church or club and help protect the environment? With Recycling Fundraiser”sâ„¢ (formerly EcoPhones) Consumer Electronics & Metal Jewelry Recycling Fundraiser there”s no limitRead More…

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) YM Staff