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Drama Skit All Nations Sunday 2019 Theme: Outreach/Evangelism “ANSWER THE CALL” SCENE 1:
 There was once a very rich man who possesses great material wealth. He owns a successful company that made him wealthy. He’s tall, handsome, and he loves to wearRead More…

Calling, answer the call, evangelism, inspirational, outreach
Drama / Skits doc(x), pages, txt Wylleen May Dimatulac
Have Those Friends, Be That Friend

Friend Game (Get two people who think they are pretty good friends and ask them to both answer questions. First question you would have person A answer, and person B put what they think person A is going to put. Then you have them reveal their answer aRead More…

Lessons txt Aaron Davis
Breakfast For Dinner

Student Ministry serves Breakfast for Dinner after the mid-week service each Wednesday in the month of October. Have parents donate whatever items you would need such as Pancake Mix, Bacon, Eggs, Orange Juice, Milk, Syrup, Utensils, Etc. Be as simple oRead More…

easy, fundraiser, money
Fund Raising Ideas jpg, txt A.J. Galvan
The Increase of Pressure

A message that brings to light a different perspective of the pressures we face as Christians, no matter the age or position in the church.

Pressure, Tests, temptation, trials
Lessons txt Kory Lary
Why Me?

Sometimes we go through storms and trials and blame the devil when really it’s God testing our faith.

Lessons txt Billy Armstrong
Self Control Purity

A message about self control when it comes to purity.

Lessons txt Tony Wyatt Jr
What if today was your last day

I used this to build a message around for youth service. Take it and feel free to add it to shape it for your group.

Last day
Lessons txt Tony Wyatt Jr
We cannot get away from the Message

Wed. Night Bible Study For Youth

Lessons txt Jerimiah Reeves
The Will of God

Basic study on the Will of God

will of God
Lessons txt Ryan Demski
Seeds Conference Audio

Free audio files from the Seeds Conference in Tulsa, OK. Lessons geared toward student, children, and creative leaders. THIS IS NOT APOSTOLIC TEACHING, but is a great source for some practical inspiration.

Children, conference, creative, oklahoma, seeds, student, training
Other txt Derek Borders

This is a simple crowd-breaker that I used to illustrate balance before our Wednesday night discussion.

Crowd-breakers txt Trevor Barrick
366 Messianic prophecies

366 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled

Messianic prophecy
Other txt kevin flaherty
Someone Is Coming To Our House

puppet play

Drama / Skits txt TIFFANY DYCUS
Sub Sandwich Fundraiser

Fundraising idea

Fund Raising Ideas txt Chad Mirandy
Courage in the Face of Fire

Shaking off Unconcern for the Loss w a call to Respond w Courage snatching the perishing from the fire

Soulwinning, Witnessing
Lessons txt JOEY RIOS
Christianese: Church in Plain English

This is a series I did for our highschool aged class called Elevate.The whole series included:The Names of GodThe Kingdom of GodPentecostalsThe Oneness of God

Lessons txt Daniel Phillips
The Making of a Warrior

% minute mini sermon

Lessons txt Mark Sanders
Get In The Battle
Lessons txt Eric Baldwin
Musical Chairs of Death!

Musical Chairs but with a sick twist!

breaker, chairs, crowd, game, musical
Crowd-breakers txt YM Staff
Two Hems of Desperation

We live in a time and country where we have access to all the doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, counselors, bankers that we want. Technology has seemed to, some say, surpass to what even God himself can do. We must become desperate before God.

be humble, desperate, desperation, need God
Lessons txt YM Staff