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Eyes To See, Ears To Hear

This is a lesson I use to launch into more in-depth Bible studies and get the students hungry for Bible Knowledge.

Heart, Mind, knowledge, study
Lessons doc(x) Michael Cavin
Complete Heart

This is a lesson I did in my Sunday School class about having your heart set completely on God. We probably won’t be perfect, but God just asks that our hearts to be completely committed to Him. Edit, change, personalize, and make it fit your class’s nRead More…

Heart, dirty clothes, filthy rags, perfect, perfection, righteousness
Lessons doc(x) William Hutson
Monsters Inside Me

4 part series on exposing our hearts. ZIP folder includes iPad-ready PDF with all 4 lessons, as well as editable documents (Pages, but they are compatible with Word). Folder also contains the series artwork: PSD with layers, JPEG for media, and print-rRead More…

Confession, Heart, Jealousy, anger, guilt
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf David McGovern
It’s a Matter of the Heart

Do you love God enought to obey Him?

Heart, Obedience
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler