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Bible Topic Search

The object of this lesson is to help the youths get a better understanding on certain topics, while gain experience in studying the word, presentation, public speaking and also to help the youth leader know what is lacking in each young person lives inRead More…

bible, study, the word, topic search
Crowd-breakers doc(x) Euraldo Browne
Eyes To See, Ears To Hear

This is a lesson I use to launch into more in-depth Bible studies and get the students hungry for Bible Knowledge.

Heart, Mind, knowledge, study
Lessons doc(x) Michael Cavin
Bible Study Guide

This guide includes a list of scripture references under several topics, including salvation, the oneness of God, holiness, worship, etc. Under each topic, there are several scriptures that describe what we as pentecostals believe about each subject. NRead More…

Witness, bible, scripture, study, verses
Lessons, Other pdf Tyler McBride
Short Bible Study

This is a list of scriptures covering basic Pentecostal beliefs about religion, the Bible, God, salvation, praise and worship, and holiness.

God, bible, bible study, holiness, religion, salvation, scriptures, study
Other pdf YM Staff