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Silent Wounds

I preached this message on a Sunday morning at our church, I had the teenagers stay in the sanctuary for it. Message is based on having Silent Wounds. Wounds that can not be seen by the visible eye (Depression, betrayal, verbal abuse, etc.) How to getRead More…

Betrayal, Hurt, Lies, Silent Wounds, depression
Lessons pdf John Braam
7 More Quick Object Lessons

A good object lesson is priceless. It can lodge in the minds of students who may not hear anything else you say and to the kids that are more attentive a good object lesson can drive the point home.If you want 7 quick object lessons, here are some I eiRead More…

Applause, Bullying, Correction, Faith, God Shaped Hole, Hard Truth, Hurt, Profanity, Team work, Victory, friends, influence, loneliness, purpose, will of God
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