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Marriage Lab Session Notes from #TCM16

Lesson notes from Marriage Lab Session #3 from August 5, 2016 TCM.

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Lessons, Other, Seasonal, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
Quit Playing Games With My Heart

2 GAMES IN ONE! THIS IS A PERFECT CROWD-BREAKER FOR ANYONE DOING A RELATIONSHIP SERIES. Graphic Created by Like our FB Page so that we can continue to upload free resources. Thank you in advance!

Candy, Games, Hearts, Valentine, funny, love, relationships
Crowd-breakers, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal Collection, jpg, pdf Matthew Smith
School Excuse Form

Formal letter to the Schools so student can get an excused absence for a Church related event.

Absence, Camp, Excuse, Form, HYC, NAYC, event
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Forms, Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Promotional Ads, Seasonal doc(x) Matthew Smith
I hATE Christmas

A 3 week series during Christmas. Anticipate, Separate, Celebrate.

Gifts, Separation, anticipate, celebration, christmas, love, series
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Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Design

//// \\\HIGH QUALITY Winter Wonderland Christmas Party InviteJPG & PSD FILE included in the link.Please like us on Facebook & leave a 5-Star Review for this FREEBIE!You may use this resource in free projects only.Please reRead More…

Party, christmas, flyer, graphic
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Summer Games

This is an olympic themed summer event for your youth group. It includes an example of what we did in 2012 and can be updated to fit your group.

Summer, event
Activities / Events, Other, Seasonal Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, png Jordan Cunningham
Keep Em or Dump Em

They say it’s the little things that will make or break a relationship. This crowd-breaker is sure to bring many laughs to your student ministry. Fun graphic included.

Baby Baboons, Boogers, Farts, Hairy Moles, Muscle, Nostrils, Ostrich, Valentine, etc, relationships
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, Seasonal Collection, jpg, pdf Matthew Smith
Our youth room

This is a picture of the backdrop in our youth room.

Crowd-breakers, Seasonal, Youth Room Photos jpg Myron Wideman
What are You Going to do with Your Anointing?

This sermon focuses on the idea that both Saul and David were anointed of God. They both had the same anointing, they started at the same place, yet with very different results. So, your anointed, what are you going to do with it? Will you be a "SRead More…

David, Saul, anointing
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, Seasonal, Stock Images pdf Justin Lowe
Thanksgiving Goodies

Psalms 100 Prayer Journey and Bible Study for the Thanksgiving Season. Also, a thanksgiving Journal for your students. Enjoy the Powerpoint slides to spruce things up!

Activities / Events, Lessons, Seasonal, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf David Morehead
Youth Scavenger Hunt

In October, we host our annual youth scavenger hunt. This is a great alternative to Halloween. We theme each hunt so students may create costumes. This year we added an iPhone app which the group loved. The app is Klikaklu ( and is freRead More…

fall activities, halloween alternative activities, scavenger hunt
Activities / Events, Seasonal doc(x) Justin Rogers
Twas the night before the rapture….

Christmas story with an endtime twist.

Seasonal doc(x) James Cole
7 More Quick Object Lessons

A good object lesson is priceless. It can lodge in the minds of students who may not hear anything else you say and to the kids that are more attentive a good object lesson can drive the point home.If you want 7 quick object lessons, here are some I eiRead More…

Applause, Bullying, Correction, Faith, God Shaped Hole, Hard Truth, Hurt, Profanity, Team work, Victory, friends, influence, loneliness, purpose, will of God
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Lessons, Seasonal pdf Jason Ouellette
Pastor Appreciation, Praying For Our Pastor

Presentation done in October about the prayers that will be prayed in November for the Pastor and Pastor’s Wife. Each prayer subject begins with a letter from the word PASTOR.

Activities / Events, Online Resources, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Rochelle DeGonia
Sermon Title Helps

Attached is a PDF of 9 pages of sermon title slide thumbnails that I have designed or used over the past year or so at my church, Atlanta West Pentecostal Church. Hopefully this will help spark some creativity if you’re in a bind for a title or even aRead More…

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal, Stock Images pdf Ryan Johns
Questions to Help Make Entertainment Choices

This was a post by Rodney Shaw, pastor of New Life Church in Austin, TX.I have referred back to it many times when teaching on media, because it is a great collection of timeless principles that applies to media now, as well as any form it will take asRead More…

Choices, Entertainment, Media, T.V., Video Games, YouTube
Lessons, Other, Seasonal doc(x) Jason Ouellette
Let God be God

Bro. Murrell Ewing spoke this statement and it has stuck with me ever since. I think it speaks for itself!

Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal URL Leah Hines
Nerdy Christmas

This is what I used for our Nerdy Christmas party in 2011.

Promotional Ads, Seasonal jpg YM Staff
What to give a King who has everything: A Christmas Series

This series explores the symbolism and meaning behind the three gifts that the Magi (wise men) brought to baby Jesus. costly gifts helped Joseph and Mary in their journey. This series describes WHY those gifts were chosen and HOW they relate to you andRead More…

Gifts, Giving, Value, christmas, holiness, lifestyle, purity
Lessons, Seasonal Collection, doc(x), jpg Johnathan Nazarian
Christmas Games

A list of Christmas games. Could be used for party or as crowdbreakers.

Crowd-breakers, Seasonal pdf Derek Borders
Unexpected Christmas – Series

God does extraordinary things through ordinary people. In this series we will examine the Christmas story and see how God used ordinary people as main characters in the greatest story every told. To the world this was unexpected.

Graphics, Lessons, christmas, series
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Seasonal Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, jpg, pages, pdf, psd Brandon Shanks
Postogram Postcards

Postogram Postcards is an iphone app gives you the capability to send a printed photo postcard in the mail. Take a photo with the app or use a photo from your Iphone libaray, Instagram, or Facebook. It does cost .99 cents per postcard. You pick the phoRead More…

Student Event Announcement, Student Follow Up
Activities / Events, Other, Promotional Ads, Seasonal, Stock Images Jonathan Little
A Great Place to get Artwork is a great place to get a ton of Image pack where you can edit them. It has a cost per year, but it is so worth it! They have moving backgrounds, and regular backgrounds. And it is limitless downloads

Backgrounds, Images, Moving Backgrounds
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Reverse caption scavenger hunt

Rules: 1. Obey all speed limit and traffic laws2. All but one person in your group must be in every picture.3. You may not use the computer or Internet in any of your photos.4. Return on time! You will be heavily penalized for every minute that you areRead More…

Activities / Events, Seasonal Christopher Benninghoff
Hillbilly Hangout Youth Activity

An evening of fun for youth:)

Activities / Events, Lessons, Other, Promotional Ads, Seasonal, Testimonials, Video Clips / Countdowns doc(x) Morganne Fuentes