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For Such a Time as This

Humanity fears the shadows because that is where the unknown, uncontrollable, and unseen lurk. The Shepherd knows the path from the genesis of a journey to its destination and can identify and remove all dangers.  Shadows control the partially darkenedRead More…

COVID-19, Faith, Good Shepherd, Trust, authority, light, power, reliance
Lessons doc(x) Bruce Thomas
Afraid of the Light | Sermon/Lesson

This is a lesson/sermon about the light of God and its role in our life. Preview: 1. The light of God Illuminates The light if God can change your life, no matter how dark it looks, how dark it’s been, or how dark you feel. If you have not received theRead More…

Faith, fear, illuminate, lesson, light, sermon
Lessons doc(x), jpg, psd Daniel Bernard
Faithless and Fearless

2 week sermon series regarding a lack of faith and a lack of fear. Graphics included.

Faith, faithless, fear, fearless, series, sermon
Image, doc(x), jpg, mov Seth Boyte
Unlock Your Faith

This is a simple lesson that God laid on my heart this week. So many of our students "lock up" their faith as if it is something to be ashamed of. In this lesson I used a prominent man from the Bible who battled the same thing.

Boldness, Faith, ashamed, fear
Lessons doc(x) Leslie Lewis
Facing Your Fear

This lesson is to help students overcome the threat / trap of fear that our enemy tries to lure us into, by understanding that it is not God’s will for us to live our lives bound by fear. It begins with a lengthy list of actual phobias (funny fears, reRead More…

Faith, fear, phobia, phobias
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, pdf Britton Ouellette
Testing the Impossible

This lesson is aimed at students to increase their faith and overcome the things that seem to be impossible to them. It was inspired by the challenges / obstacles overcome by notable athletes in history, and emphasizes our ability to conquer “the imposRead More…

Faith, impossible
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, pdf Britton Ouellette
Lets Be Honest

A 5-Week Series on Biblical honesty. Emphasizes the Biblical concepts of Accuracy, Integrity, Credibility, and Faithfulness. First lesson is an introduction/overview that teaches that we are to be imitators of God. Series illustrates the Hebrew idea ofRead More…

Faith, Faithfulness, Fruit, accuracy, accurate, ambassador, credibility, culture, honest, honesty, integrity, name, photoshop, truth
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf, png Jeremy Gove
7 More Quick Object Lessons

A good object lesson is priceless. It can lodge in the minds of students who may not hear anything else you say and to the kids that are more attentive a good object lesson can drive the point home.If you want 7 quick object lessons, here are some I eiRead More…

Applause, Bullying, Correction, Faith, God Shaped Hole, Hard Truth, Hurt, Profanity, Team work, Victory, friends, influence, loneliness, purpose, will of God
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Lessons, Seasonal pdf Jason Ouellette
Why Me

Different Format From the Other Sermon. Sometimes we go through storms and trials and blame the devil when really its God testing our Faith.

Faith, Storms, Trial
Lessons doc(x) Billy Armstrong

A two week series about putting our faith in action. Included are the raw, unedited notes (mistakes and all). Also, you’ll find a basic logo graphic an outline of service with activities that we used. Because these are the unedited notes you may find gRead More…

Faith, FaithUP, Five, Sight, Smell, Touch, Up, hearing, senses, taste
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pages, pdf, psd Derek Borders
Rhetoric Cant Raise The Dead

How often do we speak empty words? How often do we just tell people what they want to hear instead of the truth? Its time we have the faith and believe we have the power in us to see miracles and wonders performed. We have the power of Jesus inside usRead More…

Faith, empty words, power, rhetoric, speech
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf Anthony Roberts
Salvation1 Scriptures

This is a power point with scriptures on salvation

Faith, Holy Ghost, baptism, repentance, salvation
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Salvation Scriptures

This is a power point with scriptures of the different parts of salvation.

Faith, Holy Ghost, Power Point, baptism, repentance, salvation
Lessons PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Youth Week 2010 “Organic” – PDF

The General Youth Division, along with assistance from veterans have made previous Youth Week lessons available for you!Youth Week 2010 in PDF format. Includes outlines, lesson detail, and handouts. Great tool for a possible youth week!

Faith, Fruit, growing, living, youth week
Lessons URL, pdf Matthew Johnson
Youth Week 2010 “Organic” – Word

The General Youth Division, along with assistance from veterans have made previous Youth Week lessons available for you!Youth Week 2010 in Word format. Includes outlines, lesson detail, and handouts. Great tool for a possible youth week!

Faith, Fruit, growing, living, youth week
Lessons URL, doc(x) Matthew Johnson
Faith – A Bridge over Troubled Waters Activity for Youth

This was supposed to go with the lesson that I uploaded but it didn’t get included. This is a activity that I had the youth do along with the short lesson.

Activities / Events, Lessons doc(x) Brandon Brosi
Faith – A Bridge over Troubled Waters

This is a short lesson on Faith. I used it as a filler for a youth fellowship event.

Fund Raising Ideas, Lessons doc(x) Brandon Brosi

Adapted version of a series of lessons Brother Art Hodges preached at our Growing To Serve Seminar.

Faith, GOD FIRST, time
Lessons doc(x) Abigail Pottker
Faith 101

Powerpoint Lesson on faith that includes instructor notes

Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
Faith by Fire

We grow in our faith when we are put through trials and test of life.

Faith, test, trials
Lessons doc(x) Justin Boudrie
UNLIMITED: Fruits of the Spirit

A powerpoint presentation highlighting the contrary nature of the works of the flesh from the fruit of the Spirit. This presentation is useful for imparting a practical understanding of what each of these fruit and works actually are as they relate toRead More…

Faith, adultery, fruit of the spirit, gentleness, goodness, hatred, heresy, joy, lasciviousness, longsuffering, love, meekness, peace, sedition, temperance, works of the flesh, wrath
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
FEARLESS. The 3 Part Series.

3 part series on overcoming fear. ZIP folder includes iPad-ready PDF with all 3 lessons, as well as editable documents (Pages, but they are compatible with Word). Folder also contains the series artwork: PSD with layers, JPEG for media, and print-readyRead More…

Faith, Overcome, Victory, fear
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf, psd David McGovern
Faith Bible Study

It is a simple bible study that the youth can do at home by themselves.

Lessons doc(x) Sharon Floyd
Where is your Faith

This is a short lesson on challenging students to figure out and find their faith in God.

Lessons doc(x) Philip Vannoy
Words of Faith

Bible study/sermon on the power of the Holy Ghost in us, and how to use our mouths to apply that power

Faith, Holy Ghost, tongue
Lessons doc(x) Shane Anderson