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The Burden of Persuasion

This is a lession for college age students using the legal concept of the burden of persuasion to illustrate the level of commitment we must have a Christians, and posing the question: if you were arrested and charged with Christianity, would there beRead More…

Calling, Paul, Stephen, commitment, conviction, persecution
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Call Me a Heretic

Those who do not hold to the belief of the Trinitarian Doctrine have been called heretics for years. Yet, the belief of the oneness of God was the original belief of the first church. Oneness Apostolics still hold to that belief today.

Heretic, One God, Paul, Trinity
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A sermon that speaks to the idea of being single and making the most of the gift God has given. Addressed to Turning Point Community Church (UPCI-South Africa) whose congregation has an average age of 22 and is 95% single.

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