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Drama Skit All Nations Sunday 2019 Theme: Outreach/Evangelism “ANSWER THE CALL” SCENE 1:
 There was once a very rich man who possesses great material wealth. He owns a successful company that made him wealthy. He’s tall, handsome, and he loves to wearRead More…

Calling, answer the call, evangelism, inspirational, outreach
Drama / Skits doc(x), pages, txt Wylleen May Dimatulac
Sent | Lesson/Sermon Series

We have all been SENT by God to do amazing things. This series was created to illuminate to students how easy it is to follow the leading of the Spirit. Too often students equate the will of God with some grand guesture or leap of faith, when many timeRead More…

Calling, Will, follow, sent
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, mov, psd Daniel Bernard
Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling

This lesson is about making students aware that they should be living a life worthy of the calling that God has on their life. Even if they do not know what that calling is, they should be living a Godly life.I did include personal example.

Calling, living, worthy
Lessons doc(x) Kayla Driskill
The Gospel in Focus / Called to the Gospel

The Gospel is not Acts 2:38. The Gospel is that man sinned, sin carries a penalty but God, rich in mercy, became a man, lived the life I couldn’t, worthy of a righteous reward, but took my sin to the cross, paid the penalty with his life and was raisedRead More…

Calling, focus, gospel, salvation
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Troy Sing

A series for students about ministry. Designed for students who have talents and callings, but are not sure where to start. The series is not focused on any one type of ministry, but talks about many.

Calling, callings, go, ministry, students, talent, talents
Lessons Collection, pdf Ryan LaRue

Sometimes, we get so caught up in doctrine, programs and deep thoughts, we can forget about some of the most important parts of the journey that is student ministry. This is a very simple but effective 3 part series focusing on getting students all poiRead More…

Calling, Gods voice, Map, Object Lessons, Revival, bible, compass, direction, gps, magic, parables of jesus, prayer, the word, 7
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Kris Prince
What Your Heart Sees – series

What Your Heart Sees is a three part series of lessons on seeing God’s purpose for our lives the same way God sees it. This folder contains images for widescreen and standard, both a title image and plain text slide. It also contains a Series overvieRead More…

Anointed, Calling, Empower, Ephesians, Gods Power, Inheritance, The Church, authority, fear, fellowship
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Jason Ouellette
Want Your Students to Know Different Aspects of Ministry?

One night for our youth week. We did a short lesson on what it means to "minister". Then we did like a prayer journey. In each room that we travelled too, there was 4 different department heads or ministries in each room. Each person took a cRead More…

Calling, ministry, prayer journey
Activities / Events, Lessons doc(x) Destiny George
The Burden of Persuasion

This is a lession for college age students using the legal concept of the burden of persuasion to illustrate the level of commitment we must have a Christians, and posing the question: if you were arrested and charged with Christianity, would there beRead More…

Calling, Paul, Stephen, commitment, conviction, persecution
Lessons URL Greg Neil
Jesus Saw a Man

Lesson/sermon notes about the day Jesus called Matthew. "Jesus saw a man called Matthew" – God sees every young person as an individual and is calling them to follow him. A call to each young person to personally decide to follow Jesus.

Calling, authentic, decision, discipleship, individual
Lessons doc(x) Dustin Williams
Fulfilling Your Potential

There is potential that lies everybody but what holds you back from reaching it. The devil is not threatened by your potential but only when you are taking steps to attain it.

Calling, fulfill your potential, ministries, ministry
Lessons doc(x) Michael Cena
Awake, Now is the Time

Calling, Corinthians, God, Romans, awake, time
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff