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Who is Jesus? SERIES

A five-week series originally used to teach High School students in a class / small group setting.

Jesus, leader, master, miracles, sacrifice, saviour, servant, teacher
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf Daniel Phillips

“Lavish” was a series we taught on the principle of giving lives wholly to God. Just as Jesus lavishes His love on us, we should lavishly give of our time, energy, and resources to our King.

Giving, commitment, energy, give, money, resources, sacrifice, time
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images pdf Adam Rios
Giving 101

Powerpoint slides about giving

Giving, offering, sacrifice
PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Dustin Thomas
A Word for Ministry Families with Children

As a preachers kid, and now in the ministry myself; I am often asked what it was that my parents did that resulted in me following in their footsteps.

Abraham, Children, Isaac, family, ministry, sacrifice
Lessons doc(x) Jonathan Downs
The Five Offerings

Israel, Old Testament, offering, sacrifice, tabernacle
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff