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Jesus On the Mountaintop

2-Part Series.

Jesus, Mountain
Lessons doc(x), png Andrew Coffield
A Treasure Worth Finding

Matthew 13:44-46 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto aRead More…

Field, Jesus, Treasure, Worth
Lessons doc(x) Bruce Thomas
There is a Name

Throughout time, many have risen to Creations stage to present their name as being preeminent, however, none has ever backed up the claim with signs and wonders leaving the audience of creation itself in awe… but the man, Christ Jesus. The Greatest mRead More…

Jesus, Name of Jesus, authority, love, peace, strength
Lessons doc(x) Bruce Thomas

A lesson for young people on how to rely on God regardless of our human excuses.

Excuse, Jesus, John 5, excuses, lesson, sermon, teach
Forms, Lessons, Other, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
The Gospel – Boas Notícias

THE GOSPEL, BOAS NOTÍCIAS é um estudo bíblico produzido por jovens para jovens, e de responsabilidade da Divisão Geral da Mocidade (General Youth Division) da Igreja Pentecostal Unida Internacional (UPCI) AUTORES Adam Shaw & Daniel Phillips EDITORERead More…

Batismo, Biblia, Espirito Santo, Jesus, arrependimento, pecado
Lessons pdf Weuler Janer Albino
The Lord will fight for you just be CALM!!!

Deut. 20:4 KJV For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Only prayer!!!

Battle, Fear not, God, Jesus, Taken a stand, Women., fight, men, prayer, war
Lessons pdf John Forman
Do You Know Who Your Daddy Is?

2 Samuel 6:16 KJV and saw King David, and she despised him in her heart!! VS 21 says God chose me before thy father and all his house, therefore will i play before the Lord. Come out from amoung them and be ye separate…If we really knew our Father thRead More…

Daddy, Jesus, King David, Overcome, Power in the name...., christ, father, fire, relationship, seperation
Lessons pdf John Forman
Don’t Put Jesus First This Year

Every New Year we hurriedly write out our New Years Resolutions of things to do, weight to lose, and people to reacquaint ourselves with. Every year we lie. One thing at the top of every Christian’s list is “Put Jesus First This Year”. We need to stopRead More…

Jesus, jesus at the center, new years, new years resolutions, resolution
Lessons, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, psd Kris Prince
What Child is This?

This is a 3 part series entitled “What Child is This?” that covers the Christmas Story from the perspective of the shepherds, Magi and Mary. Enjoy this unique twist on the usual telling of the Christmas story and ask yourself, “What Child is This”? WeeRead More…

Christmas Lesson, Christmas series, Christmas story, Jesus, Magi, Mary, baby jesus, christmas, jesus christ, shepherds, what child is this
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds doc(x) Kris Prince
A Selah Moment

Thomas Edison’s greatest place of success was his greatest place of chaos. The same was true with David. David experienced “A Selah Moment.” He chose to stop, pause, look beyond his circumstances, and reflect upon the goodness of God. He also learned tRead More…

Bad Times, Chaos, David, Good Times, Hezekiah, Jesus, Moses, Praise, Selah, Thomas Edison, psalms, success, worship
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf, png Jeremy Gove
Friends And Your Future

Lesson on friendship and the importance of having the right kinds of friends. Includes recent stats on friendships in the US. Touches on Adam and Eve and relationships based on Genesis 2. Emphasizes that we are the Bride, defined by relationship, and tRead More…

Adam, Bride, Eve, Facebook, Jesus, Likes, Proverbs, Solomon, Statuses, Tweets, Twitter, body, community, fellowship, friend, friends, friendship, future, relationships, status
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf, png Jeremy Gove

This PowerPoint simply begs the question are you following Jesus? It does so using a Twitter theme. It is mostly geared toward a youth group setting.

Jesus, Social Media, Twitter
Lessons, Online Resources, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint caleb williams
Who is Jesus? SERIES

A five-week series originally used to teach High School students in a class / small group setting.

Jesus, leader, master, miracles, sacrifice, saviour, servant, teacher
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf Daniel Phillips
God is… [series]

A three lesson series on the nature of God. Lesson 1: (7 Things) & God the Father Lesson 2: Jesus – Son of God, Son of Man Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit The .zip file contains both .pdf and editable documents for each segment. Personalize and/or add anRead More…

God is, Godhead, Holy Spirit, Jesus, father, nature of God, son of God, son of man
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf Dustin Williams
Red Letters – The Beatitudes of Jesus [series]

Matthew 5 records Jesus’ introductory remarks to his Sermon on the Mount. These clear, short statements are packed with meaning – explaining the plan of salvation, components of a Christian life, and promises of an eternal future. The .zip file containRead More…

Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, pdf Dustin Williams
Jesus Centered Background

This is a graphic I made for our upcoming Youth service. Maybe you can apply it to one of your lessons.

Centered, Image, Jesus, graphic, keynote, powerpoint
PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images jpg Timothy Burk
Prophecy Wheel

The Wheel of Prophecy concerning the manifestation of God in the Flesh.

God, Jesus, Prophecy, christ, doctrine, one, oneness
Online Resources jpg Ricky Whiteley
Crossed Up

This is a lesson that shows how the Tabernacle layout was an Old Testament type of the Cross of Christ.

Easter, Jesus, cross, forgiveness, tabernacle, worship
Lessons doc(x) Chad Rayburn
Does Jesus Hate Religion?

A response to the popular viral video, “Why I Love Jesus, But Hate Religion” by spoken work rapper/poet Jeff Bethke. This talk took over an hour, and we did it in a “fireside chat” type setting to stoke dialogue among the students. ZIP file includes doRead More…

Hate, Jesus, love, relationship, religion
Lessons jpg, pages David McGovern
From the Hem to Him

Lesson on woman with an issue of blood

Healing, Jesus, desperation
Lessons doc(x) Daniel Whisenhunt
Like a Lion

Having a greater understanding that He who is within us is greater than he who is in the world!

Jesus, lion
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff
The Precious Name of Jesus

Sermon over the Importance of the Name of Jesus.

God, Jesus, encouragement, oneness
Lessons doc(x) Joshua Smith
God is Not a White Man

This was a great one night theme that we did. We used the music video “White Man” by the band Gungor as a launchpad to talk about the misconceptions most people have of God. Zipped File Contains: Lesson Notes Music Video Powerpoint Media Graphic HandouRead More…

God, Jesus, Lessons, Theme, White, service, song, video
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, mp4, pdf Derek Borders
The Way of Escape

A great Apostolic Video that can be used as an Outreach tool. Get a your free video today.

Apostolic Productions, Jesus, Repent, bible, escape, salvation
Other URL Barry Baker