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For Such a Time as This

Humanity fears the shadows because that is where the unknown, uncontrollable, and unseen lurk. The Shepherd knows the path from the genesis of a journey to its destination and can identify and remove all dangers.  Shadows control the partially darkenedRead More…

COVID-19, Faith, Good Shepherd, Trust, authority, light, power, reliance
Lessons doc(x) Bruce Thomas
An At Times Generation

One lesson…with media (Keynote file available upon request). Synopsis: By taking a look at the highlights of the great Bible hero Samson, we can see that, without a doubt, there were certain times, when the presence of God mightily moved upon him. HoRead More…

Faithfulness, Trust, commitment, determination
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, PowerPoint, jpg, pdf Nate Roemer
7 Quick Object Lessons

A good object lesson is priceless. It can lodge in the minds of students who may not hear anything else you say and to the kids that are more attentive a good object lesson can drive the point home.If you want 7 quick object lessons, here are some I eiRead More…

Food, Holy Ghost, Object Lessons, Spiritual Maturity, Trust, Witnessing, influence, will of God
Lessons pdf Jason Ouellette