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Among Us (Sermon)


Last Supper., Unity, persecution
Lessons, Other ai, doc(x), jpg Andrew Coffield
Respect, Find Out What It Means to God

Single Lesson.

Honor, authority, respect
Lessons ai, doc(x), jpg Andrew Coffield
Airplane Mode

Single Lesson.

connect, disconnect, focus
Lessons ai, doc(x), jpg Andrew Coffield
SFC BE Logo – Illustrator CS6 Format

I’m attaching an SFC BE Logo in Illustrator CS6 format. I didn’t see one on the SFC website so this is my attempt to save someone else a few minutes if needing a logo in a larger format. One version has the text outlined, for the font I used MontserratRead More…

Be, SFC, Sheaves For Christ, logo
Lessons, Other ai Ryan Johns