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The Danger in Believing Fake News

Single Lesson.

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Airplane Mode

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Fresh is a three-week series about helping students make the most of the new year. This series is designed to challenge your students to receive a fresh START, move forward with fresh FOCUS, and ultimately, produce fresh FRUIT. Some of the content mayRead More…

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The Gospel in Focus / Called to the Gospel

The Gospel is not Acts 2:38. The Gospel is that man sinned, sin carries a penalty but God, rich in mercy, became a man, lived the life I couldn’t, worthy of a righteous reward, but took my sin to the cross, paid the penalty with his life and was raisedRead More…

Calling, focus, gospel, salvation
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God First

Simple lesson/devotion about putting God first. We used it to kick off the new year but will make an impact anytime (start of summer, start of school year). Teacher notes, student handout, and stock image.

GOD FIRST, first, focus, priority
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Bookends: Setting up your day for success

Our students live in a fast paced, hectic world that often doesn’t have a ton of order or focus. Our students also live in a culture that has set very low expectations for them, they’re conditioned to be undisciplined with their time and resources. ThiRead More…

Discipline, focus, order, setting up your life, success
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It’s Not About Me

It’s Not about Me – Author: Max Lucado.Reviewed by: Kara Christian. "It urges us to move ourselves from the center of the universe to allow God to occupy that spot once again and admonishes us to shift our focus from what will bring us glorRead More…

Max Lucado, books, focus, reviews
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Focus on Developing People

As I lowered my landing gear to arrive back to planet PJ, I began to consider: what will be my focus? A new year brings new opportunities, what will I do with mine? To decide my focus, certainly it would be expedient to explore the focus of Jesus ChrisRead More…

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