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General Youth Worker Description & Contract

This is a General Youth Worker Description & Contract that can be used as a template. Hope this helps someone.

Forms, Job Descriptions Israel Hogan
Sticks and Stones – Gossip Lesson

This is a lesson on what the Bible says about gossip and how to resist participating in conversations that can be identified as gossip.

Conversation, gossip, gossipers, lesson, speak, sticks and stones, teaching, words
Forms, Lessons, Other, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown

A lesson for young people on how to rely on God regardless of our human excuses.

Excuse, Jesus, John 5, excuses, lesson, sermon, teach
Forms, Lessons, Other, Testimonials pdf Cara Brown
First Time Guest Information Card

Printed materials like this are used to collect information from our guest students.  Feel free to borrow this to generate ideas for your own ministry purposes.

Follow up, Guest, Information
Forms pdf Matthew Smith
<18yrs old Baptism Permission Form

Baptism form we use for students under 18 years old. I have adapted a couple of other versions from other churches – this is simply my version – feel free to download and edit as you wish!

Form, baptism, minor
Forms doc(x) Seth Boyte
Student information form for 2015

This is a bisic information sheet that will provide everything from the students name and number to their instagram username. This is not an indepth survey but rather a basic overview of the student.

information sheet
Forms jpg Ethan Castleberry
School Excuse Form

Formal letter to the Schools so student can get an excused absence for a Church related event.

Absence, Camp, Excuse, Form, HYC, NAYC, event
Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Forms, Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Promotional Ads, Seasonal doc(x) Matthew Smith
Everything You Need When Planning A NAYC Trip

1. Spreadsheet that covers expenses, fundraisers, and total costs 2. Schedule/Packing List/Itinerary/ Etc 3. Trip rules/Indemnity Agreement/Medical Release/Participation Agreement

Indemnity, NAYC, Participation, Rules, Trip, medical, schedule
Activities / Events, Forms, Lessons Collection, Spreadsheet, doc(x) Taylor Kovar
How-To for Your Students Connecting with Visitors

This is for your student visitor team, or young person that wants to connect with visitors while also getting their information for follow up.

Follow up, Postcard, Team, Visitor, student ministries
Forms, Job Descriptions, Online Resources, Other doc(x) Donald Ellis
Youth Daily Spiritual Growth Tracker

To help your students keep track themselves if they are growing and progressing in God. It has been a great help to students.

Daily, Praying, Tracker, Witnessing, consistency, fasting, growth, reading, spiritual, youth
Forms, Online Resources, Other pdf Donald Ellis
Job List, How-to, and Responiblities for youth of a Student Service

Gives a detailed list on the jobs of youth service and how to do them.

Detailed list, How to, Organization, Student service, To Do, student, youth, youth service
Activities / Events, Forms, Job Descriptions, Other doc(x) Donald Ellis
Policies & Procedures

This is a list of rules and policies we are implementing in our SM. The church board will be voting on it so that we can make it “official” and have teeth behind it! It is compiled of other peoples ideas too! Not just ours!

Policies, Procedures
Forms doc(x) Jessica Holt
2013 Parent Meeting Forms

parent forms

Forms doc(x), pages Donny Willis
5-Part Planning Process Sample Documents

In this video as well as at I discuss the 5-part planning process we used at Youth Abláz Student Ministries. These documents are samples and guides that we used to facilitate that process.

Forms, Other Collection, doc(x), pdf Michael Guerra
Creating A Culture of Evangelism

A resource on developing a culture of evangelism; material derived from "Light Their Fire" by Susan M. Drake, Michelle J. Gulman, and Sara M. Roberts.

evangelism, ideas, resource
Forms, Other doc(x) Kyle Holt
P7 Mock Club Sheet

As part of our release of P7, I divided our students into groups and got them brainstorming as if they were starting a club at their school. This is the Mock Club sheet I used to aid them. I found that getting them to think about what they WOULD do cauRead More…

Forms, Lessons, Other doc(x) Kaleb Saucer
Guest Follow-Up Letter to the Parents of visiting Student

This document is one of the way we communicate with the Parents of the students who are first time guests. In Student Ministry Follow-up is Key!

Follow up, Form, Guest, Letter, parents, students, visitors
Forms doc(x) Matthew Smith
Guest Follow-Up Letter to Students

This document is one of the way we communicate with students who are first time guests. In Student Ministry Follow-up is Key!

Follow up, Form, Guest, Letter, students, visitors
Forms doc(x) Matthew Smith
General Policies and Procedures


Forms doc(x) Donny Willis
Surge Visitor Form 2.0

Newer edition of the visitor form I have previously uploaded. You will need Excel 2007 or 2010 for this to work for you. If you would like me to make you a customized version of this form, please contact me.

Excel, Form, addresses, automatic, contact information, numbers, phone, school
Forms Collection, Spreadsheet, jpg Ryan Wing
Youth Auction Rules

This is a rules / guidelines sheet that we handed out to the highest bidder during the youth auction. This sheet also provides the bidder with emergency contact information in case any issues were to arise while youth was working.

auction, youth
Activities / Events, Forms pdf Kourtney Carnahan
Youth Team Job Descriptions and Org Chart

PDF versions of our Student Ministry’s Job Descriptions and Org Chart. Includes Job Descriptions for the Adult Leaders and Student Leadership Team (Outreach Director, Prayer Director, Presentation Director, Promotions Director, Music Director, FundraisRead More…

Forms, Job Descriptions Collection, pdf Michael Guerra
Oneness Chart

This is a oneness comparison chart created and used in bible studies. I also used it at a retreat about relationships. The top portion is a layout of the Oneness of the Godhead. The second portion is where the student fills out their info, so that theyRead More…

Forms, Lessons doc(x) Jacy Pulford
To Be Continued: Forward (Supplement)

You asked for them and here they are!! Zip file contains: Fill-in-the-Blank forms, Discussion Questions, Teacher’s Answer Key. BOTH Word & PDF versions! Purchase To Be Continued: Forward materials here: More…

General Youth Division, fill in the blank, forward, to be continued
Forms, Lessons doc(x), pdf Matthew Johnson
Simple Youth Ministry Newsletter Template

A very simple template for a monthly youth ministry newsletter. Customize the text and photos – you’re minutes away from being done. Great for handing out to students, posting at the church, and emailing to parents.

announce, announcements, newsletter, template
Forms, Other doc(x), pdf Dustin Williams