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Great dramas and skits that your group can perform during youth events, church services, or street ministry.

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Drama Skit All Nations Sunday 2019 Theme: Outreach/Evangelism “ANSWER THE CALL” SCENE 1:
 There was once a very rich man who possesses great material wealth. He owns a successful company that made him wealthy. He’s tall, handsome, and he loves to wearRead More…

Calling, answer the call, evangelism, inspirational, outreach
Drama / Skits doc(x), pages, txt Wylleen May Dimatulac
Puppet show Repenting

Puppet Show – Repenting BY Jeralyn Hidlebuagh   Jimmy – (Comes up humming, paint brush in hand and is busy painting the side of the puppet stage) (Sings…) This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, I’m gonna let it shine, I’m gonna let….. Oh! IRead More…

Drama / Skits, Lessons Crystal Graf
Puppet show Consecration

Consecration puppet show By Jeralyn Hidlebaugh Johnny: dad I think I’m ready to play my guitar at church! Dad: have you prayed about it son? Johnny: no, why would I do that for? Dad: because Jesus says in Hebrews 13:20-21 that the God of peace will givRead More…

Drama / Skits, Lessons Crystal Graf
ACT1V8 Spoken Word

Script and audio file of the spoken word performed during the Youth Day service at General Conference 2013.

ACT1V8, Spoken Word, skit
Drama / Skits doc(x), m4a Matthew Johnson
revalation to a revolution

a explaining a vision tool made for reaching the lost. made me cry when i made it

Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Drama / Skits, Lessons, Other PowerPoint caleb williams
Summer is Almost Over

Summer is almost over, your students may have a week or days left. We were reminded of the parable of the talents, and how the Master eventually returned to see what His servants had done. This lesson poses that our student’s time is a treasure and askRead More…

1 Timothy 4:2, Parable of Talents, Summer, Visiting, accountability, friendship, time
Drama / Skits, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images doc(x), jpg Jason Ouellette
Run to Win

How many of you believe that we are in a race? All of us in this life are in a race to get to heaven. We are all trying to get to the finish line to see Jesus. This message with skit included shows how we cannot let the weights of this world and the siRead More…

Race, Sin, Weights, running
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Brandon Brosi
Not So Wise Man from the West

A christmas skit that is hilarious with props. It was a good laugh!! At the end we had a ministered to the people about offering ourselves to Jesus.

christmas, laugh, skit, wise man
Drama / Skits doc(x) Noah Ranniger
Jonah and the Fish (Improve Script)

This is the story of Jonah and the Fish in Script(acting) form. Need 7-12 kids for parts, the rest audience. If your kids are funny and creative, should make for a few laughs and a great lesson on following God!

God, fish, follow, fun, improv, jonah, lesson
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Philip DiNello
Cardboard Testimony Skit

Uses the popular Cardboard Testimony to get students involved in evangelism.

Drama / Skits pdf Zane Wells
Cardboard Testimony Skit

Uses the popular Card Board Testimonies to encourage students to get involved in evangelism.

evangelism, outreach, skit
Drama / Skits pages Zane Wells
More Than A Kiss

A single lesson dealing with our long term relationship with Christ. Based on the story of Ruth and Naomi. Contains lesson, main graphic, Powerpoint (Keynote is available for those that are interested) video clip, song suggestion, skit.

Drama / Skits, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, jpg, mov Nate Roemer
Fear Factor Service

This is my notes on the lay out of the Fear Factor Service! Hope this helps

Youth Night Service
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Crystal Graf
Fear Factor Service

Here is the Letter we read as well as have music in back ground and a skit going on!

Youth Night Service
Drama / Skits doc(x) Crystal Graf
Fear Factor Service

It was a youth service we did that went about 1 1/2 we started with some special effects and sounds with demons walking around congregation screaming and yelling as if they were stuck in hell! This part was in the dark and then we went into in times viRead More…

Youth Night Service
Activities / Events, Drama / Skits, Lessons jpg Crystal Graf
Fasting Skit Video clip

Great short skit about fasting

fasting fast skit
Drama / Skits, Online Resources, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Matthew Showalter
Media Resources

The christian version on youtube. Great resource if your looking for media ideas to better illustrate your message.

clips, funny, godtube, inspirational, motivational, skits, video
Drama / Skits, Online Resources, Other, Video Clips / Countdowns URL C Moncada
Everything Skit

We do a Unique Translation of the "LifeHouse" skit; we created a skit that finishes with the song Running and shows Gods good grace. if interested please write and I will provide the entire set up for the skit.

Drama / Skits Mark Thornhill
Dinner Theatre

A Great Bi-Yearly Fundraiser we use is the Dinner Theatre; we have been blessed to do original "in house" written programs, they are Great fun and Huge Money makers for your Youth Groups!

Drama / Skits, Fund Raising Ideas Mark Thornhill
Set me free drama tercera
Drama / Skits Embeddable, URL Violeta Zayas
Lifehouse skit
Drama / Skits Embeddable, URL YM Staff
The e-Bunny Easter Skit

An Easter Skit for Youth. Includes skit in .PDF, and in a color-coded PowerPoint version easy for practice and, if needed, the actual performance. Overview: Easter has become so commercialized that it is almost impossible to tell “Which came first: tRead More…

Easter, bunny, comedy, drama, funny, play, resurrection, skit, teens, youth
Drama / Skits, Other Collection, PowerPoint, pdf Ramy-Claude James
Bleeding Love Drama

A drama that talks about Bleeding Love for the ones you love…Powerful, especially at the end.

bleeding love, drama
Drama / Skits Jacob Brown
Too Late to Apologize Skit

Drama about the rapture

Drama / Skits Jacob Brown
Activities / Events, Drama / Skits, Lessons, Other URL Morganne Fuentes