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Mary stood without

excuse all the grammer mistakes

Lessons doc(x) Jake Marvel
Rooms Of Prayer

Take your youth group through a series of rooms of prayer. 1st room…room of worship, 2nd room….room of repentance. Use your imagination. Utilize Sunday School Classes, the sanctuary, prayer room.

Lessons Gerald Gunstanson
Lessons doc(x) paul brown
God is Good, God is Great

How great is our God? Try looking at the stars…

Lessons doc(x) Warren Hardin
Calling Time Out

Summer 2011 Teen Sunday School Curriculum Lesson 10

Sunday School
Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint GYD Staff
Calling Time Out

Summer 2011 Teen Sunday School Curriculum Lesson 10

Lessons, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Anthony Ingersoll
A Look at the Term Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Lessons doc(x) Bethany Tubbs
Bind Together and Wait

Short outline that was done with a group of young men…can be modified to work to a full group. The biggest key was the time spent connecting on the things this flesh battles & connecting to them so they remain plugged in.

Activities / Events, Lessons doc(x) Derek West
Developing Passion in Young People

Youth lesson and activity teaching what it means to have a passion for the ministry and for the things of God. In our world today, it is sometimes a struggle for our students to develop a passion for ministry – hopefully, this lesson will help in encouRead More…

Activities / Events, Lessons doc(x) David Strader
The New Birth Experience (Bible-Study)
Lessons doc(x) Edward Seabrooks
Discover who you really are – lesson
Lessons pdf aaron liford
Equipped – The Right Tools for the Job

A Lesson that looks at some of the tools needed to be effective in ministry. Lesson includes Activity, Lesson, PowerPoint, Handout and Media idea.

Activity, Discipline, Equip, Handout, Mission, Tools, ministry, powerpoint, prayer
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Jason Ouellette
UNLIMITED: Fruits of the Spirit

A powerpoint presentation highlighting the contrary nature of the works of the flesh from the fruit of the Spirit. This presentation is useful for imparting a practical understanding of what each of these fruit and works actually are as they relate toRead More…

Faith, adultery, fruit of the spirit, gentleness, goodness, hatred, heresy, joy, lasciviousness, longsuffering, love, meekness, peace, sedition, temperance, works of the flesh, wrath
Lessons PowerPoint GYD Staff
Natural and Spiritual Laws

A comparison/look between/at natural and their equivalent spiritual laws

Lessons doc(x) Maria Ruddy
Power of the Tongue

Discussion on James 3

Lessons doc(x) Lynn Walding
The Delivering Power of A Cornflake PowerPoint

Powerpoint for the lesson

Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint David Goodwin
The Delivering Power of A Cornflake

Biblical truths found in box of Cornflakes (see PowerPoint)

Lessons doc(x) David Goodwin
FEARLESS. The 3 Part Series.

3 part series on overcoming fear. ZIP folder includes iPad-ready PDF with all 3 lessons, as well as editable documents (Pages, but they are compatible with Word). Folder also contains the series artwork: PSD with layers, JPEG for media, and print-readyRead More…

Faith, Overcome, Victory, fear
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf, psd David McGovern

Finding the will of God in your lonely times

loneliness, lonely, will of God
Lessons doc(x) GYD Staff
The Call of God

For young ministers feeling the call of God on their life.

Lessons, Other pdf Mathew Holloway
Sexual Relationships and Dating

Study compiled from Search for Holiness by David K. Bernard, Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson, and Dateable, Are You? Are They? by Justin Lookadoo and Hailey DeMarco. Utilized in conjunction with video clips from "The Naked Truth: The New SexualiRead More…

Sexual, dating, relationship, sex
Lessons doc(x) Chuck Winters
My Life/Purpose As A Straw

This lesson talks about the purpose of the straw, as well as lists several different types of straws. Each type of straw has different charactoristics which are related to human charactoristics, and even though each straw is different they all accompliRead More…

Lessons doc(x) Kory Lary
Hebrew notes on Genesis

Hand written and going to copy to word and add more but needed a paper to upload in order to download.

Lessons, Promotional Ads jpg Paul Maes
Service Engine Soon
Lessons doc(x) Matthew Dillabough
God Calling us to be different
Lessons doc(x) Matt S