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Let No One Despise Your Youth

A lesson diving into 1 Timothy 4:12 about living a Christian life.

Christian living, youth
Lessons doc(x) Jason Cook
Building Your House

A series about building your life on God’s foundation, and how a life should look that is lived in the will of God.

Christian living, God, christianity, life, living, maturity, salvation, spirituality
Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Ryan LaRue
YOLO MIC You only live once make it count

#YOLO is the new buzzword on facebook, the new trend on twitter, and the not so new excuse to “do what you want.” It stands for “You only live once” and it is a pathetic excuse to do stupid things. This message challenges your students to make their liRead More…

Christian living, YOLO, legacy, life
Lessons, Other doc(x) Johnathan Nazarian

From infancy we are taught to play various games from peekaboo, hide and seek, and pretend, to football and monopoly. Unfortunately, many “play church.” It’s time to stop playing church and start being the church! #NoMoreGames This includes series noteRead More…

Backsliding, Christian living, Hell, Running the Race, doctrine
Lessons doc(x), jpg Johnathan Nazarian
Do Hard Things

Expectations for teens are extremelylow in today?s society.It?s considered normal for teensto be irresponsible,rebellious, andimmature, andsadly the majorityof teens meetthose expectations.Do HardThings is a teenagerebellion against low expectations.ThRead More…

Christian living, Expectations, comfort zones, teens
Other doc(x) Sarah Munson