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Building Your House

A series about building your life on God’s foundation, and how a life should look that is lived in the will of God.

Christian living, God, christianity, life, living, maturity, salvation, spirituality
Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Ryan LaRue
Gods At War

A four part series, based on the best-selling book “Gods At War” by Kyle Idleman. This series splits the book up into four parts, directing each part in Pentecostal application. Enjoy!

God, Gods, carnality, idol worship, idolatry
Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Ryan LaRue
God is Fighting For You!

This sermon is intended to encourage someone that God is fighting for them. It explores 5 key responsibilities we have as saints of God to do our part in the fight. Our young people know we as student pastors and leaders have their back, but more imporRead More…

Fighting, God, encouragement
Lessons pdf Justin Lowe
The Lord will fight for you just be CALM!!!

Deut. 20:4 KJV For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Only prayer!!!

Battle, Fear not, God, Jesus, Taken a stand, Women., fight, men, prayer, war
Lessons pdf John Forman
The Flowing Power Of God

Making sure you are where God wants you to be.

God, power
Lessons doc(x) James Cole

A 2 lesson series on taking time out for God.

God, scripture memorization, time
Lessons Collection, doc(x) Shawn Murdock
The Donkey, The Raven, and the Stone

We will never know all of the secrets that is in God’s creation. We can look through a microscope or just by the naked eye, the vastness of God’s handy work. God is full of surprises. God’s bio-mimicry.

God, bio-mimicry, creation
Lessons doc(x) Noah Ranniger
Jonah and the Fish (Improve Script)

This is the story of Jonah and the Fish in Script(acting) form. Need 7-12 kids for parts, the rest audience. If your kids are funny and creative, should make for a few laughs and a great lesson on following God!

God, fish, follow, fun, improv, jonah, lesson
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Philip DiNello
Keep Out – Boundaries in Relationships

Our them was guardrails (boundaries) in relationships: Parents, God, and self. This series includes an intro that is primarily by Tom Ellis, and Putting Parents in their place by Brandon Shanks.

Boundaries, Brandon Shanks, God, Tom Ellis, guardrails, parents, self
Lessons doc(x) Kyle Holt
Prophecy Wheel

The Wheel of Prophecy concerning the manifestation of God in the Flesh.

God, Jesus, Prophecy, christ, doctrine, one, oneness
Online Resources jpg Ricky Whiteley
The Precious Name of Jesus

Sermon over the Importance of the Name of Jesus.

God, Jesus, encouragement, oneness
Lessons doc(x) Joshua Smith
God is Not a White Man

This was a great one night theme that we did. We used the music video “White Man” by the band Gungor as a launchpad to talk about the misconceptions most people have of God. Zipped File Contains: Lesson Notes Music Video Powerpoint Media Graphic HandouRead More…

God, Jesus, Lessons, Theme, White, service, song, video
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, mp4, pdf Derek Borders

Sermon Background

God, Love Period, Others, People, love
Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images jpg Joel Bryson
Short Bible Study

This is a list of scriptures covering basic Pentecostal beliefs about religion, the Bible, God, salvation, praise and worship, and holiness.

God, bible, bible study, holiness, religion, salvation, scriptures, study
Other pdf YM Staff
The Eternal Nature of God

Yet our basic understanding of God’s eternal nature is so rudimentary, so basic, and so mundane that I felt an attempt to give you a taste for the much larger complexity is appropriate.

God, knowing
Other URL YM Staff
Awake, Now is the Time

Calling, Corinthians, God, Romans, awake, time
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff
Willing to Wrestle (Revision with youth attention grabber.)

Same as the original resource only this time I have corrected much of the grammar and inserted an attention grabber at the beginning.

God, fear, running, wrestling
Lessons doc(x) Nathan Wells
Real Relationships – Why God Made Parents PowerPoint

A great compliment to the lesson!

God, parent ministry, parents, powerpoint, real, relationships
Lessons PowerPoint Wayne Francis
Revelation Song

Praise and worship lead sheet

God, almight, holy, lord, revelation
Other pdf Jonathan Russell

God, bible, memorization, memory, verses
Video Clips / Countdowns URL YM Staff
The Truth about God

God, Rules, powerpoint, truth
Lessons PowerPoint Seth Simmons
The Truth about God

God, Rules, truth
Lessons doc(x) Seth Simmons
Word Ability – Attributes of God

God, attributes, powerpoint game, word scramble
Crowd-breakers URL YM Staff