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The Authentic Experience

There is an authentic experience which transforms the heart and mind. The seat of wisdom and reasoning (the mind) as well as the seat of emotion and affection (the heart). An experience of being baptized with the Holy Ghost as Peter proclaimed. No otheRead More…

authenticity, experience, salvation, truth
doc(x) Bruce Thomas
The Gospel in Focus / Called to the Gospel

The Gospel is not Acts 2:38. The Gospel is that man sinned, sin carries a penalty but God, rich in mercy, became a man, lived the life I couldn’t, worthy of a righteous reward, but took my sin to the cross, paid the penalty with his life and was raisedRead More…

Calling, focus, gospel, salvation
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Troy Sing
Building Your House

A series about building your life on God’s foundation, and how a life should look that is lived in the will of God.

Christian living, God, christianity, life, living, maturity, salvation, spirituality
Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Ryan LaRue
Youth Week 2014 – Marked

The General Youth Division, along with assistance from student ministry veterans have made previous Youth Week lessons available for you! Youth Week 2014 in PDF format. Includes outlines, lesson detail, slides, and web graphics. Great tool for a possibRead More…

marked, purpose, salvation, youth week
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, PowerPoint, jpg, pdf Matthew Johnson
From Sacrifice to Rebirth: The Transition of John 3

Much of the Christian world presents John 3 as a plan of salvation. This lesson teaches how one obtained salvation in Old Testament times and explains that John 3 is about a transition from law to grace. New Testament salvation was not available untilRead More…

John 3, salvation
Lessons pdf Samantha Guerra
Christian Atheist

This is a short video that teaches the simple lesson where we need to take all or none of God’s word. We cannot choose parts that we want or make us feel good, we must take it all.

All, Atheist, Godliness, bible, holiness, modesty, salvation, truth, word
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The Language of Salvation

This is a PowerPoint presentation defining many terms necessary to understand Biblical Salvation. It lays the groundwork for Biblical study of the necessity and reception of salvation.

Definition, Terms, Vocabulary, salvation
Lessons PowerPoint Michael Cavin
Salvation1 Scriptures

This is a power point with scriptures on salvation

Faith, Holy Ghost, baptism, repentance, salvation
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Salvation Scriptures

This is a power point with scriptures of the different parts of salvation.

Faith, Holy Ghost, Power Point, baptism, repentance, salvation
Lessons PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
"This is Between Me and You"

Forgiveness is powerful! Unity can begin when we realize the power of forgiveness. Revival can begin when we realize the power of unity.

Revival, Unity, cross, forgiveness, love, power, salvation
Lessons doc(x) Jordan Cunningham
The Way of Escape

A great Apostolic Video that can be used as an Outreach tool. Get a your free video today.

Apostolic Productions, Jesus, Repent, bible, escape, salvation
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Short Bible Study

This is a list of scriptures covering basic Pentecostal beliefs about religion, the Bible, God, salvation, praise and worship, and holiness.

God, bible, bible study, holiness, religion, salvation, scriptures, study
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God Don’t Save Boat Builders

You may be wondering why this is some important revelation or even why I am stating that God doesn’t save boat-builders, doesn’t God save everyone? It is not that God predetermines who will be saved; it is that God predetermines the criteria for whRead More…

ark, boat, righteousness, salvation
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The Secret to Success

Success is pleasing God through salvation.

salvation, success
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler
(Pentecost Sunday Series) #3 Each One, Reach One

disciple, evangelism, outreach, salvation
Lessons, Seasonal doc(x) Marvin Mitchell