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Manna: Meeting the Needs of a Dry and Dusty World

3 Week Series on Manna. Enphasizes 3 primary concepts: 1. The Taste of Oil (The Holy Spirit) 2. The Taste of Honey (Serving) 3. The Texture of Harvest (Evangelism) Series also teaches the importance of not getting side-tracked by the temporal and the iRead More…

Egypt, Harvest, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Honey, Manna, Oil, evangelism, service
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The Significance of the Plagues

Egypt, Israel, Moses, Old Testament, Pharoah, plagues, slavery
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
The Passover and the Red Sea

Egypt, Israel, Old Testament, Red Sea, miracle, passover
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
Israel’s Journey to Sinai

Egypt, Israel, Old Testament, Sinai, redemption
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
Exodus – Part 1

Egypt, Exodus, Israel, Pharoah, bondage, slavery
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