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Manna: Meeting the Needs of a Dry and Dusty World

3 Week Series on Manna. Enphasizes 3 primary concepts: 1. The Taste of Oil (The Holy Spirit) 2. The Taste of Honey (Serving) 3. The Texture of Harvest (Evangelism) Series also teaches the importance of not getting side-tracked by the temporal and the iRead More…

Egypt, Harvest, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Honey, Manna, Oil, evangelism, service
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, doc(x), png Jeremy Gove
Youth Community Service Projects

Our church is greatly involved in community service. Our outreach program is called Community Connection. This document is just a review of what we do and a little testimony as to what it has done for our church.

Helping, Project, community, connection, service
Activities / Events, Other, Testimonials doc(x) Zachary Priddy
Walmart Facility Giving Program Grant

This is a revision of the Walmart Grant. It is a chance for your church to receive a grant from WalMart for doing good in your community!

Blessing, Fund Raising, Grant, community, connection, service
Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Zachary Priddy
God is Not a White Man

This was a great one night theme that we did. We used the music video “White Man” by the band Gungor as a launchpad to talk about the misconceptions most people have of God. Zipped File Contains: Lesson Notes Music Video Powerpoint Media Graphic HandouRead More…

God, Jesus, Lessons, Theme, White, service, song, video
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg, mp4, pdf Derek Borders
Downpour Youth Ministries

Downpour is a youth event geared towards directing young people in the right direction in a midst of a sinful, chaotic world.

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Friday Night Live Worship Service Information Sheet

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Other doc(x) Daniel Ponjican
B.A.R.F. Service Schedule

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Other doc(x) YM Staff
Friday Night Live (FNL)

Togetherness, service, worship
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Developing a Youth Service

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Other pdf Marvin Mitchell
Communication Essentials

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Other pdf Marvin Mitchell