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Drama Skit All Nations Sunday 2019 Theme: Outreach/Evangelism “ANSWER THE CALL” SCENE 1:
 There was once a very rich man who possesses great material wealth. He owns a successful company that made him wealthy. He’s tall, handsome, and he loves to wearRead More…

Calling, answer the call, evangelism, inspirational, outreach
Drama / Skits doc(x), pages, txt Wylleen May Dimatulac
Student evangelism and discipleship structure

Here you will find the structure that we put in place for 2014 that helped us see 25 students filled with the Holy Ghost and 19 baptized in 1 year. Please download the Parent Package as well that goes along with this structure.

Structure, discipelship, evangelism
Other doc(x) Aaron Holloway
Manna: Meeting the Needs of a Dry and Dusty World

3 Week Series on Manna. Enphasizes 3 primary concepts: 1. The Taste of Oil (The Holy Spirit) 2. The Taste of Honey (Serving) 3. The Texture of Harvest (Evangelism) Series also teaches the importance of not getting side-tracked by the temporal and the iRead More…

Egypt, Harvest, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Honey, Manna, Oil, evangelism, service
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, doc(x), png Jeremy Gove
How To LOSE The World

My notes on the series are a little bare-bones, as I take a more conversational approach to teaching. Hope they are a blessing to you!

Lessons doc(x) Paul Johnson
Creating A Culture of Evangelism

A resource on developing a culture of evangelism; material derived from "Light Their Fire" by Susan M. Drake, Michelle J. Gulman, and Sara M. Roberts.

evangelism, ideas, resource
Forms, Other doc(x) Kyle Holt
Death of Revival

Now I am NOT against revivals, evangelists or those far from God being filled with His spirit and walking in newness of life. What I am against are churches dying. If we can continually walk in victory the need to be revived can be put to death. The keRead More…

Activate, Acts 2:38, Church, Dead, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Revival, baptism, evangelism, outreach, repentance
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Jason Ouellette
Cardboard Testimony Skit

Uses the popular Card Board Testimonies to encourage students to get involved in evangelism.

evangelism, outreach, skit
Drama / Skits pages Zane Wells
Expand Your Reach

The final lesson in a series for high-school aged youth called Expand. If you want the keynotes for this series you can e-mail me. This lesson is great for inspiring evangelism.

evangelism, lesson, series, teaching, youth
Lessons pdf Daniel Phillips
A Letter from Hell

An impactful video about Hell

Eternity, Letter from Hell, evangelism
Lessons, Video Clips / Countdowns Embeddable, URL Matthew Johnson
I am A Missionary

Main point is that all Christians are missionaries. Some Canadian demographic information outlining the great need for missionaries.

Canada, evangelism, missionary
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff
Be Nice and Love People

A lesson on the importance of love.

caring, evangelism, love
Lessons doc(x) Stephanie Shaw
Outreach (added 3/7/06)

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Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
(Pentecost Sunday Series) #3 Each One, Reach One

disciple, evangelism, outreach, salvation
Lessons, Seasonal doc(x) Marvin Mitchell