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Hyphen Announcement Slide

A slide used by our church for Hyphen announcements. I typically place white text on the "floor" portion of the slide. I have the Blender3D file available if you would like to edit colors or add text directly into the file.

Elevators, Hyphen, announcements
Promotional Ads png Mark Barnes
The Hunger Game

A lesson that deals with the power of desire.

Appetite, Desires, Desparation, Games, Hunger, Hyphen, desire, students, teens, young adults, youth
Lessons pdf Rema Duncan
Getting to Know You

This is a simple list of questions designed to get to know each other in our Young Adult (Hyphen) group.Everyone gets a copyWhoever starts picks a question and answers itEveryone then goes around and answers that question.After everyone has answered thRead More…

Activity, First Class, Hyphen, Ice-breaker, New Members, questions
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds doc(x) Jason Ouellette

What is a building with out a foundation? To many times we focus on the outside, the facade of the building. We make sure that the architecture of the building is pretty and appealing but often times we forget about the foundation that the building isRead More…

Foundation, Hyphen, truth
Lessons doc(x) Brett Bockmann