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The Danger in Believing Fake News

Single Lesson.

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Lessons doc(x), jpg Andrew Coffield
The Authentic Experience

There is an authentic experience which transforms the heart and mind. The seat of wisdom and reasoning (the mind) as well as the seat of emotion and affection (the heart). An experience of being baptized with the Holy Ghost as Peter proclaimed. No otheRead More…

authenticity, experience, salvation, truth
doc(x) Bruce Thomas
What it really means to love as a Christian

What does it really mean to love as a Christian? Does the Bible say the same thing as the world does? Should we accept just anything and everything? What is our responsibility? Great lesson for this understanding and application.

Blood, Christian, Judgement, cross, love, truth
Lessons doc(x) Bill Puckett
Lets Be Honest

A 5-Week Series on Biblical honesty. Emphasizes the Biblical concepts of Accuracy, Integrity, Credibility, and Faithfulness. First lesson is an introduction/overview that teaches that we are to be imitators of God. Series illustrates the Hebrew idea ofRead More…

Faith, Faithfulness, Fruit, accuracy, accurate, ambassador, credibility, culture, honest, honesty, integrity, name, photoshop, truth
Lessons Collection, doc(x), pdf, png Jeremy Gove
Dont Become A Production

a short lesson/sermon on being real with God and forming a relationship with him

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Lessons doc(x) Billy Armstrong
Christian Atheist

This is a short video that teaches the simple lesson where we need to take all or none of God’s word. We cannot choose parts that we want or make us feel good, we must take it all.

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Video Clips / Countdowns URL Chad Rayburn

What is a building with out a foundation? To many times we focus on the outside, the facade of the building. We make sure that the architecture of the building is pretty and appealing but often times we forget about the foundation that the building isRead More…

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Lessons doc(x) Brett Bockmann
The Truth about God

God, Rules, powerpoint, truth
Lessons PowerPoint Seth Simmons
The Truth about God

God, Rules, truth
Lessons doc(x) Seth Simmons
Book Review: Right from Wrong

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Other doc(x) Seth Simmons
Raising The Standard: Truth

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Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell
Knowing Right From Wrong

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Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell