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Student Questionnaire

This student questionnaire is a starting place for you to use when desired. We use it for in the beginning of the year to make sure we have updated contact info as well as asking a few pointed questions about the direction they see themselves going inRead More…

Information, contact, gathering, planning, questions
Online Resources, Other doc(x) Seth Boyte
Getting to Know You

This is a simple list of questions designed to get to know each other in our Young Adult (Hyphen) group.Everyone gets a copyWhoever starts picks a question and answers itEveryone then goes around and answers that question.After everyone has answered thRead More…

Activity, First Class, Hyphen, Ice-breaker, New Members, questions
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds doc(x) Jason Ouellette
Bible Trivia #1

This a bible trivia power point that was created after downloading and using the original "In The Book #1" trivia by Russell Revels

Power Point, bible, questions, trivia
Crowd-breakers, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Student Ministry Questionnaire

This is just a basic questionnaire we used to get to know our students a little bit better.

Forms doc(x) Kaleb Saucer