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The Race | Student Lesson/Sermon Series

“The Race” is a 4 week lesson series designed to show students how to┬álive for God on a daily basis. As Christians we are all called to run this race with endurance and keep our on the finish line. Week 1 | The Prep Week 2 | Hustle Week 3 | The Wall WeRead More…

Race, Run, Will, endure, follow, lesson, series, will of God
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf, psd Daniel Bernard
Failure Is Not An Option

This is a sermon about how we cannot fail in our walk with God. Our walk is not determined by past mistakes and failures, but how we finish. The examples of Michael Jordan and King David are used in this one. There is a .doc a few .jpg slides. Feel freRead More…

Church, God, Goliath, Jesus, Race, Walk, discouraged, encouragement, failure, finish
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg Anthony Roberts
Run to Win

How many of you believe that we are in a race? All of us in this life are in a race to get to heaven. We are all trying to get to the finish line to see Jesus. This message with skit included shows how we cannot let the weights of this world and the siRead More…

Race, Sin, Weights, running
Drama / Skits, Lessons doc(x) Brandon Brosi
The Race

About enduring to the end

Race, Run, endure
Lessons PowerPoint Holly Doerflinger
The Amazing Race

Fail, Persevere, Quit, Race, Run, failure
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff