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Do You Know Who Your Daddy Is?

2 Samuel 6:16 KJV and saw King David, and she despised him in her heart!! VS 21 says God chose me before thy father and all his house, therefore will i play before the Lord. Come out from amoung them and be ye separate…If we really knew our Father thRead More…

Daddy, Jesus, King David, Overcome, Power in the name...., christ, father, fire, relationship, seperation
Lessons pdf John Forman
Holiness biblestudy

"Because we are his" biblestudy I found on a churches website that is outstanding! It talkes about Holiness in dress, makeup, seperation, jewelry etc… it references Bro. Benards books.

holiness, jewelry, makeup, seperation
Lessons doc(x) Elaine Childress

Delilah, Old Testament, Samson, hair, nazarite, seperation
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
God’s Dress Code

dress code, modesty, seperation, standards
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff
Gym Letter

dress code, fitness, gym, holiness, p.e., physical education, school, seperation
Forms doc(x) YM Staff
Live Strong: Lesson 6 – Trendsetter

acceptance, seperation, style, trends, trendsetter, vogue
Lessons doc(x) YM Staff