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Whats for dinner – Application

A short 20 minute message / devotional on the application of the word of God in our lives. This was the final message to a two month devotional series of various applications of scripture.

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Lessons pdf Daniel Morton-Jones
Free Bible Applicaions for different devices

These are some free bible applications that I use on a regular basis for the mac, pc, iphone, ipad, and the web.

Ipad, Web, application, bible, iphone
Other doc(x) Landon Spann
Youth Committee Application

Application for individuals who may be interested in becoming a member of the student ministries team.

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Forms, Other doc(x) Tom Noe
Youth Volunteer Application (added 3/20/06)

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Forms doc(x) Seth Simmons
Youth Staff Application

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Forms doc(x) Shawn Stickler