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Sometimes, we get so caught up in doctrine, programs and deep thoughts, we can forget about some of the most important parts of the journey that is student ministry. This is a very simple but effective 3 part series focusing on getting students all poiRead More…

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Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Kris Prince
My Generation

“My Generation” Is a sermon touching on the spirit of Jezebel and Athaliah in our modern society, and how we need to protect the royal seed and youth of this generation.

athaliah, bible, jezebel, my generation, sermon, society, youth
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf Anthony Roberts
In The Know

This is a four week series on the Bible. It’s purpose is to help the students identify how to accurately interpret Scripture, as well as validating the Bible through various natural resources. I have included all handouts, lessons, media, and video linRead More…

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Crowd-breakers, Lessons, Video Clips / Countdowns Collection, doc(x), jpg, pdf Kyle Holt
A Bible for an Atheist

Based around the video of Penn Jillette receiving a Bible as a gift. This message talks about the importance of how we present ourselves when we witness and what it means to be Christ-like. Included are the message in a .doc and .pdf format along withRead More…

Atheist, Penn Jillette, Witness, bible, gift, polite
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M90 Slides

A few slides for M90. Hopefully you can utilize them in your services!

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PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, jpg Ryan Johns
Bible Topic Search

The object of this lesson is to help the youths get a better understanding on certain topics, while gain experience in studying the word, presentation, public speaking and also to help the youth leader know what is lacking in each young person lives inRead More…

bible, study, the word, topic search
Crowd-breakers doc(x) Euraldo Browne
The Bible Uncovered

This is a series I drew up with a little help from info from Search for truth. This series helps young people learn more about the Bible.

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Christian Atheist

This is a short video that teaches the simple lesson where we need to take all or none of God’s word. We cannot choose parts that we want or make us feel good, we must take it all.

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Bible Trivia #1

This a bible trivia power point that was created after downloading and using the original "In The Book #1" trivia by Russell Revels

Power Point, bible, questions, trivia
Crowd-breakers, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Real God, Real Growth

Included in this file are two lessons on what we need to do in order to produce Real Growth with God. Prayer and Bible reading are the two lessons. However, another topic I planned on introducing was fasting. I’m sure that you can find more that fits iRead More…

bible, growth, prayer
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Free Bible Applicaions for different devices

These are some free bible applications that I use on a regular basis for the mac, pc, iphone, ipad, and the web.

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Other doc(x) Landon Spann

Youth get people to sponsor them to run the BIBLE MARATHON. Memorize 100 verses in 30 days or less. They get sponsored $1.00 per verse. More sponsors + More verses memorized = More $$$$

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Michael Ray

Youth get people to sponsor them to run the BIBLE MARATHON.Memorize 100 verses in 30 days or less.They get sponsored $1.00 per verse.More sponsors + More verses memorized = More $$$$$

Marathon, Memorize, bible, fundraiser
Fund Raising Ideas pdf Michael Ray
The Way of Escape

A great Apostolic Video that can be used as an Outreach tool. Get a your free video today.

Apostolic Productions, Jesus, Repent, bible, escape, salvation
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Bible Study Guide

This guide includes a list of scripture references under several topics, including salvation, the oneness of God, holiness, worship, etc. Under each topic, there are several scriptures that describe what we as pentecostals believe about each subject. NRead More…

Witness, bible, scripture, study, verses
Lessons, Other pdf Tyler McBride
Would you like some bible with that?

We need to make sure we know how important it is to have the word of God inside us.

bible, wisdom, word of God
Lessons doc(x) James Cole
Short Bible Study

This is a list of scriptures covering basic Pentecostal beliefs about religion, the Bible, God, salvation, praise and worship, and holiness.

God, bible, bible study, holiness, religion, salvation, scriptures, study
Other pdf YM Staff
Can I Trust the Bible Part 2

Reliability of the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons PowerPoint Shawn Stickler
Can I Trust the Bible

Reliability of the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons PowerPoint Shawn Stickler
Can I Trust the Bible

Building confidence in the word of God

Apologetics, bible
Lessons doc(x) Shawn Stickler

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Tea Kettles, Sundown and a Second Hand

anger, bible, poetry, self control
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff

Pentateuch, bible, doctrine, scrolls, theology
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
Luke Overview

Luke, New Testament, bible, disciple, gospels
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff
Matthew Overview

Matthew, New Testament, bible, disciple, gospel, overview, synopsis
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff