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The House – Two Week Series

A two week series about the church. Download includes two lessons and a series graphic. Lesson 1 is about laying the foundation. Lesson 2 is about meeting the family.

Church, Foundation, Lessons, born again, family, house of God, new birth, series, spirit
Lessons Collection, jpg, pdf Daniel Phillips
"The Church" Title Slide

A simple title slide for any message on “The Church”

Church, Title Slide, background
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images jpg Jordan Ansley
The Connection

A lesson that steps back and looks at the big picture. Why do we go to church? What is the goal in all of this? What is my purpose and reason for being in the church? These questions are adressed, and student will have a better understanding of what toRead More…

Church, Praise, Revival, connect, connection, purpose, students, worship, youth
Lessons pdf Ryan LaRue
Send Me

An encouraging student lesson regarding the desire to be used of God and how we should endeavor to work for the Kingdom.

Church, Kingdom, Work, students, youth
Lessons doc(x) Ryan LaRue
Failure Is Not An Option

This is a sermon about how we cannot fail in our walk with God. Our walk is not determined by past mistakes and failures, but how we finish. The examples of Michael Jordan and King David are used in this one. There is a .doc a few .jpg slides. Feel freRead More…

Church, God, Goliath, Jesus, Race, Walk, discouraged, encouragement, failure, finish
Lessons Collection, doc(x), jpg Anthony Roberts
Death of Revival

Now I am NOT against revivals, evangelists or those far from God being filled with His spirit and walking in newness of life. What I am against are churches dying. If we can continually walk in victory the need to be revived can be put to death. The keRead More…

Activate, Acts 2:38, Church, Dead, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Revival, baptism, evangelism, outreach, repentance
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Jason Ouellette
Simple Fundraiser

We are currently doing this for our church and youth. People want these books because it helps them save $ on restaurants or business they would normally use anyways.

Church, Fundraiser Ideas, youth
Fund Raising Ideas, Lessons URL Bruce Thomas