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Empty The Harbor

No matter how vivid your vision is, if you do not remove the means to retreat, your vision will never become realized. Excuses will arise and intertwine themselves into every fiber of your Vision. If you remove the means of retreating to the state of cRead More…

Dedication, Revival, commitment, excuses, sermon, vision
Lessons Bruce Thomas
History of the Apostolic Movement- Four Week Series

This is a four week lesson series on Apostolic history. I used in for my group and it went very well. It has not been gramatically checked and is still in the process of being expanded, but I have seen people requesting something like this.

Azusa Street Revival, Pentecostal Doctrine, Revival, apostolic history, church history
Lessons, Online Resources doc(x) Zachary Priddy
The Connection

A lesson that steps back and looks at the big picture. Why do we go to church? What is the goal in all of this? What is my purpose and reason for being in the church? These questions are adressed, and student will have a better understanding of what toRead More…

Church, Praise, Revival, connect, connection, purpose, students, worship, youth
Lessons pdf Ryan LaRue

Sometimes, we get so caught up in doctrine, programs and deep thoughts, we can forget about some of the most important parts of the journey that is student ministry. This is a very simple but effective 3 part series focusing on getting students all poiRead More…

Calling, Gods voice, Map, Object Lessons, Revival, bible, compass, direction, gps, magic, parables of jesus, prayer, the word, 7
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Kris Prince
Death of Revival

Now I am NOT against revivals, evangelists or those far from God being filled with His spirit and walking in newness of life. What I am against are churches dying. If we can continually walk in victory the need to be revived can be put to death. The keRead More…

Activate, Acts 2:38, Church, Dead, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Revival, baptism, evangelism, outreach, repentance
Crowd-breakers, Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Jason Ouellette
"This is Between Me and You"

Forgiveness is powerful! Unity can begin when we realize the power of forgiveness. Revival can begin when we realize the power of unity.

Revival, Unity, cross, forgiveness, love, power, salvation
Lessons doc(x) Jordan Cunningham
Bend the Church

The Welsh revival started when a man named Evan Roberts knelt with his arms over the seat in front, bathed in perspiration, and prayed aloud "Bend me! Bend me! Bend us .

Lessons doc(x) YM Staff
Wake Up Your Potential

Potential, Revival, reach, vision
Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell
Birthplace of a Revival

Demonstration, Revival, power, spirit
Lessons doc(x) Marvin Mitchell