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The Connection

A lesson that steps back and looks at the big picture. Why do we go to church? What is the goal in all of this? What is my purpose and reason for being in the church? These questions are adressed, and student will have a better understanding of what toRead More…

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Lessons pdf Ryan LaRue
Youth Community Service Projects

Our church is greatly involved in community service. Our outreach program is called Community Connection. This document is just a review of what we do and a little testimony as to what it has done for our church.

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Walmart Facility Giving Program Grant

This is a revision of the Walmart Grant. It is a chance for your church to receive a grant from WalMart for doing good in your community!

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Fund Raising Ideas doc(x) Zachary Priddy
The Revolutionary Communicator

Essentially these two brains dissect the communication style of Jesus Christ through secular eyes and principles. The chapters the authors cover are as follows: ATTENTIVENESS, CONNECTIONS, QUESTIONS, AUTHENTICITY, STORYTELLING, SOLITUDE, and SUCCESS. WRead More…

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