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Gay Conversations – A Discussion on Homosexuality and the Christian Response

The world has an agenda to make Homosexuality accepted as a human rights issue similar to racial and gender issues. This lesson/series lays the foundation that we are commanded to LOVE SINNERS but also to hate sin. We cannot afford to confuse this by hRead More…

Christian stance, Gay, Sin, homosexuality, love
Lessons doc(x) Johnathan Nazarian
Born This Way – Addressing Cultural Issues

Lady Gaga (or Lady Gag-gag as I like to say) is constantly producing catchy tunes that often have very partial truths mixed in with her twisted agenda. One of her recent songs is “€œBorn this way”€“ this message addresses the issue head on, dispellingRead More…

Holy Ghost, Lady Gaga, culture, homosexuality, music, rebirth
Lessons Collection, doc(x) Johnathan Nazarian
An Apostolic Response to Homosexuality

This resource is purposed to be a 2-3 part discussion and informational session with young adults. It enables student pastors, youth pastors as well as youth leaders to discuss a tough, yet extremely relevant topic amongst today’s youth, allows them thRead More…

Biblical response, Lessons, Sexuality, Sin, adolescent, homosexuality, teenagers
Lessons doc(x) Matthew Mullins
Dealing with Troubled Teens

abuse, counsel, depression, help, homosexuality, signs, symptoms
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