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Lets Be Honest

A 5-Week Series on Biblical honesty. Emphasizes the Biblical concepts of Accuracy, Integrity, Credibility, and Faithfulness. First lesson is an introduction/overview that teaches that we are to be imitators of God. Series illustrates the Hebrew idea ofRead More…

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The Power of Music

Music. Perhaps the #1 influence in teenagers today! It’€™s everywhere, and it’€™s INFLUENTIAL and powerful! Our culture pushes its agenda through music perhaps stronger than any other medium. This sermon gives Biblical principles that are contrary to tRead More…

culture, music
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Born This Way – Addressing Cultural Issues

Lady Gaga (or Lady Gag-gag as I like to say) is constantly producing catchy tunes that often have very partial truths mixed in with her twisted agenda. One of her recent songs is “€œBorn this way”€“ this message addresses the issue head on, dispellingRead More…

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Students & Culture

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Students & Culture

A website for youth workers dedicated to connecting you to the culture that our youth live in.

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One Hour Photomat

I am not suggesting that we all move into caves to avoid the culture to come. I love technological advancement as much as any human in existence. I even suggest we understand and use every avenue we can. My charge to you is simply this: We cannot forgeRead More…

Technology, culture
Lessons doc(x) Ryan Barton
American Idol(atry)

Rest assured that the very least of my worries, presenting a title such as this, is taking to task reality entertainment. My deepest concern actually revolves around reality itself and the hopes and fears revealed by this reflection of current culture.

culture, idolatry
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The Spies of Connection

It deals with connecting and identifying with the right things and how we connect with things that we identify with. It also has some alarming research and quotes on how there are basically five major companies in America that shape our culture. In theRead More…

connect, culture, identify, identity
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Catalyst Groupzine, Volume 2

The book was a fascinating read and I would (without hesitation) recommend it to anyone interested in reading tough words about tough people in today’s tough world.

Leaders, catalyst, community, culture, influence, integrity
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Do you remember that wanna-vomit feeling you sometimes got when you looked in the mirror during those awful Jr. High years? I seem to remember that almost every time I turned my attention to the looking glass, a feeling of horror and shame would over tRead More…

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Understanding How Culture Shapes Leadership

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