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Learning from Apple

May we never forget the power of basic one to one relationships. Every life-changing mentor in my own life has earned the right to be called “mentor” because they invested one to one time with me. Group teaching has its place, but nothing will everRead More…

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50 Cent and You

Guess what. You and the multi-platinum hip hop artist 50 cent (if you don’t know who this is, please find out) have something in common. Both of you are competing for an avenue of influence in the lives of teenagers. One wants to sell more albums andRead More…

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Focus on Developing People

As I lowered my landing gear to arrive back to planet PJ, I began to consider: what will be my focus? A new year brings new opportunities, what will I do with mine? To decide my focus, certainly it would be expedient to explore the focus of Jesus ChrisRead More…

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Somethin’ About Love

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