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Be a Leader Now!

This lesson intends to show students that they can be leaders right where they are! So many times, students set up imaginary things that have to be met before they can do anything for God or lead people to Him, but God intends that they lead right wherRead More…

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Lessons doc(x), jpg Daniel Bernard

This is a small group study about staying focused on the mission Christ has commissioned us to do. Along the journey there will be roadblocks and setbacks, however these obstacles should not cause us to give up and quit. Instead, we should get up and fRead More…

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Lessons doc(x) Hank Hayes
What Is Leadership?

This is a great short video when talking about leadership to your youth group.

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Passing the Mantle: A Youth Leadership Course

A basic “Christian Leadership 101” course designed to engage students in learning basic ministry and church leadership principles. This course covers: The Servant Leader The 5 Fold Ministry Biblical Qualifications of a Leader 21 Indispensable QualitiesRead More…

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Lessons, Other Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), pdf Michael Guerra
Qualifications for Church Leadership – Instructions from Paul to Timothy

A lesson taught at a Youth Workers’ Seminar that outlines the biblical qualifications for leadership based on 1 Timothy. Could be easily adapted for LYM.

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Lessons doc(x) Gilles Grenier
November Commune-ity Inspire Conference Call

This was a fantastic conference call that features Noah Watt, Travis Worthington and Brandon Shanks. Please share this great resource with your youth staff and other youth leaders. See you in January

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Commune-ity Inspire August 2011 Conference Call

Featuring Billy Haley, Jacob Brown, Shay Mann

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Call Podcast mp3 Trav Worthington
Next Generation Leader

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So you want to be a leader

Short lesson on being a leader. What a leader is.

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Is There A Leader In The Ship

Other YM Staff

How to be a man of God

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Lessons doc(x) Stephanie Shaw
Learning from Apple

May we never forget the power of basic one to one relationships. Every life-changing mentor in my own life has earned the right to be called “mentor” because they invested one to one time with me. Group teaching has its place, but nothing will everRead More…

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Leading Means Jumping First

As a young boy, my friend Kyle Moore, and I would climb to the top of his parents’ house and jump off of the roof to prove our soon to be developed manhood. In some strange way, this proverbial leap of faith proved how tough we were. But jumping wasnRead More…

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Book Review: Spiritual Leadership

In an era of time in which leadership books are as common as cactus in West Texas, this book stands distinct. It’s not so much about telling you how to lead better as much as it is about telling you how to align your leadership with what God is tryinRead More…

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Why Rob McEwen Was Right

hat has served as the greatest contributor to the success of such giants as myspace, youtube, and wikipedia? Collaboration. These forums gather data from all over the globe and present it to consumers in a slick, user friendly format. Merriam-Websterâ€Read More…

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The Leadership Lottery

Have you ever tried to lift something that was really heavy? You realize after you pick it up that you are probably going to pull something, but rather than do the smart thing and set it down until you have help you just go ahead and continue doing morRead More…

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(02/06/07) Mastering Meetings

Helpful insights on managing your meetings with youth, parents, and committes members.

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Focus on Developing People

As I lowered my landing gear to arrive back to planet PJ, I began to consider: what will be my focus? A new year brings new opportunities, what will I do with mine? To decide my focus, certainly it would be expedient to explore the focus of Jesus ChrisRead More…

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Staff Accountability Report

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It Takes A Team Notes

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Understanding How Culture Shapes Leadership

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Sheep and Shepards

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