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This is a small group study about staying focused on the mission Christ has commissioned us to do. Along the journey there will be roadblocks and setbacks, however these obstacles should not cause us to give up and quit. Instead, we should get up and fRead More…

Mission, Olympics, leadership, outreach
Lessons doc(x) Hank Hayes
THE CALL (3 week series)

This is a 3 week series helping students understand there place in the Kingdom of God. There’s no redo in life. Just one chance to get it right the way God intended for each of our lives. Unless our life is embedded in the mission of God, we miss ourRead More…

Chosen, Exodus, Mission, Will, called, created, design, hear, life, plan, purpose, unique
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x), jpg Jordan Cunningham
Equipped – The Right Tools for the Job

A Lesson that looks at some of the tools needed to be effective in ministry. Lesson includes Activity, Lesson, PowerPoint, Handout and Media idea.

Activity, Discipline, Equip, Handout, Mission, Tools, ministry, powerpoint, prayer
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