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in this powerpoint it cross references scriptures to connect the message that jesus will never leave you or forsake you

Lessons PowerPoint caleb williams
revalation to a revolution

a explaining a vision tool made for reaching the lost. made me cry when i made it

Activities / Events, Crowd-breakers, Drama / Skits, Lessons, Other PowerPoint caleb williams
M90 Slides

A few slides for M90. Hopefully you can utilize them in your services!

M90, Memorize, Pro Presenter, ProPresenter, bible, physical education, powerpoint
PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, jpg Ryan Johns
Jesus Centered Background

This is a graphic I made for our upcoming Youth service. Maybe you can apply it to one of your lessons.

Centered, Image, Jesus, graphic, keynote, powerpoint
PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images jpg Timothy Burk
City scene background

Green and gray two tone background with city skyline on the bottom. Great for powerpoint slides, worship backgrounds, or digital advertisements. 720×540 72ppi.

Projector, background, city scene, powerpoint, skyline, worship
Online Resources, Other, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images png Anthony Roberts
Flyer Template

This is a template I created for our local sectional youth rally. You can easily open this image in most photo editing software and add text to it. I can also upload a photoshop version of it as well.

Image, event, flyer, photoshop, powerpoint, promo, rally, sunburst, talk bubble, template
PowerPoint Backgrounds, Promotional Ads, Stock Images jpg Timothy Burk
Equipped – The Right Tools for the Job

A Lesson that looks at some of the tools needed to be effective in ministry. Lesson includes Activity, Lesson, PowerPoint, Handout and Media idea.

Activity, Discipline, Equip, Handout, Mission, Tools, ministry, powerpoint, prayer
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Jason Ouellette
Name That Car

Powerpoint game

car, powerpoint
Crowd-breakers PowerPoint Rick Bailey
Grungy Tree Sign

This is a background image. "Edit your own Text"

background, powerpoint, wallpaper
Lessons, Other jpg Christopher Davidson
Background Image 1

This can be used for Powerpoint or any printed document desired.

Image, background, powerpoint
Other jpg Landon Caplinger
Real Relationships – Why God Made Parents PowerPoint

A great compliment to the lesson!

God, parent ministry, parents, powerpoint, real, relationships
Lessons PowerPoint Wayne Francis
Pre-service ppt

Power Point, powerpoint, ppt, preservice
Other PowerPoint Michael Thomas
The Truth about God

God, Rules, powerpoint, truth
Lessons PowerPoint Seth Simmons
Lock-In 2 Graphic (added 3/7/06)

background, fundraiser, lock-in, powerpoint, songshow, youth
Other jpg YM Staff
Lock-in 1 Graphic (added 3/7/06)

background, graphic, lock-in, multimedia, powerpoint, wallpaper, youth
Other jpg YM Staff
Blue youth graphic (added 3/7/06)

background, blue, graphic, powerpoint, song, songs, songshow, youth
Other jpg YM Staff
Outreach (added 3/7/06)

evangelism, outreach, powerpoint, statistics
Lessons PowerPoint YM Staff