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The Altar

2-Part Series.

Altar, prayer
Lessons doc(x), jpg Andrew Coffield
The Power of Prayer

As young people of this generation, we are often focused with our daily routines such as going to school, going to work, being in church, and so on. Our mindset has daily goals and activities to do, and most times we are so preoccupied with our to-do lRead More…

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Lessons, Online Resources doc(x) Wylleen May Dimatulac

Now that we know that prayer is merely communication, and hopefully we have established a rapport with God through our simple conversations with Him in our daily lives, we can maintain an active prayer life if we have a SYSTEMATIC and COMPLETE prayer.

Lessons, Spiritual Maturity, fasting, prayer, spiritual growth
Lessons doc(x) Helen Kebasen
WHEN – Matthew 6

Three lessons from Matthew 6. Jesus teaches about “When You Pray”, “When You Fast” and “When You Give”. There are three vital areas of our spiritual lives and prayer, fasting & giving are their primary activities. We look up in prayer, we search inRead More…

Giving, fasting, matthew 6, prayer, sermon on the mount
Lessons Collection, Keynote, PowerPoint, pdf Adam Solorio
The Lord will fight for you just be CALM!!!

Deut. 20:4 KJV For the Lord your God is he that goeth with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you. Only prayer!!!

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Lessons pdf John Forman
Prayer for the Holy Ghost

A quick, yet fundamental lesson to teach if there are students who are seeking the Holy Ghost. This lesson will be especially helpful for the ones who are having a hard time trying to receive it.

Holy Ghost, New Converts, Prayer for the Holy Ghost, prayer, youth
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images pdf Ryan LaRue

Sometimes, we get so caught up in doctrine, programs and deep thoughts, we can forget about some of the most important parts of the journey that is student ministry. This is a very simple but effective 3 part series focusing on getting students all poiRead More…

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Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Stock Images Collection, doc(x), jpg, psd Kris Prince
Learning His Voice

Brief look into how and why Samuel learned the voice of God, and why God wanted to speak to a student at a time when communication with God was rare.

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Lessons doc(x) Jeffrey Youngblood
The Lords Prayer

This is a power point that breaks down the Lords Prayer. This comes from what my Pastor teaches. This is a phenomenal breakdown to teach us how to pray effectively.

Power Point, prayer, the Lords Prayer
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds PowerPoint Barron Rouse Jr
Prayer – Go Deeper

9 lesson, Sunday School format prayer series. Student worksheets included for each lesson. This was specifically developed for Jr High students, but could easily work for High School as well. Lesson 1: Prayer in the Scripture Lesson 2: Communicating wiRead More…

Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Michael Guerra
Can you hear me now? – Prayer Resource

Included in this resource are 7 ways to support prayer in your student ministry as well as 7 exciting prayer strategies.

Other pdf David Morehead

prayer banner

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Stock Images jpg Barron Rouse Jr
Prayer Journey (Event)

An Event for us to teach our students to pray. Attached is a file including: instructions, handouts, pics.

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Activities / Events, Lessons, Other Collection, doc(x), jpg Donny Willis
May Commune-ity Inspire Conference Call Featuring: Jason Avant – Nate Binion – David McGovern

“For the Best Youth Workers by the Best Youth Workers!”€ This month we are featuring: Jason Avant, Jackson, TN; National Hyphen Director: Nate Binion, Austin, TX; David McGovern, San Elijo Hills, CA. Fresh Ideas, Inspire Revival, Instill Passion!!!!

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Call Podcast m4a Trav Worthington
Whisper In My Ear

A youth service lesson about the importance of having a solitary prayer time with God.

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Lessons pdf Jonathan Sacker
Real God, Real Growth

Included in this file are two lessons on what we need to do in order to produce Real Growth with God. Prayer and Bible reading are the two lessons. However, another topic I planned on introducing was fasting. I’m sure that you can find more that fits iRead More…

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Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, Keynote, pages Derrick Knight
Prayer Bible Study

Very basic Bible Study…my youth takes it home and studies it and we gather at the end of the month and discuss!

Lessons doc(x) Sharon Floyd
Equipped – The Right Tools for the Job

A Lesson that looks at some of the tools needed to be effective in ministry. Lesson includes Activity, Lesson, PowerPoint, Handout and Media idea.

Activity, Discipline, Equip, Handout, Mission, Tools, ministry, powerpoint, prayer
Lessons, PowerPoint Backgrounds Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Jason Ouellette
7 Steps to Prayer

7 Short but insightful ways to help your young people to build a strong start towards a great prayer life.

Lessons URL Derrick Knight

A lesson geared at encouraging students to develop sustainable, effective prayer patterns. This is a ZIP file that includes: Lesson in Pages & PDF formats. Conversations artwork in JPEG (media ready) Conversations artwork in PSD (with layers) HandoRead More…

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Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, pdf, psd David McGovern

Developing a sustainable and effective prayer pattern.

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Lessons URL David McGovern
Programa de Oracion

Un program de oracion con 12 pasos mas un bono de versiculos para memorizar.

Oracion, espanol orar, prayer, spanish
Lessons doc(x) Yizzette Gonzalez
Expand Your Vocabulary

Another lesson in a series for high-school aged youth called Expand.If you want the keynotes for this series you can e-mail me.This lesson is on prayer

lesson, prayer, series, teaching, youth
Lessons pdf Daniel Phillips
Prayer Of The Righteous

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. The prayer of a righteous person availeth much.

Lessons doc(x) Jonathan Sacker
A.C.T.S In Prayer

Help Guide your youth to know how and what to pray.

Other doc(x) Nathan Council