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Origins – Oneness

This is an overview of the Oneness Doctrine. I have included the word file so you can delete highlighted areas and have this as a handout or you can simply teach from it. I have also included the power point of the scriptures and answers in each blank.Read More…

doctrine, oneness, teaching
Lessons Collection, PowerPoint, doc(x) Darrell Bates

A three lesson series on Apostolic Doctrine.

Holy Ghost, baptism, oneness
Lessons Collection, jpg, pages, psd, zip Angela Harwood
Prophecy Wheel

The Wheel of Prophecy concerning the manifestation of God in the Flesh.

God, Jesus, Prophecy, christ, doctrine, one, oneness
Online Resources jpg Ricky Whiteley
A Look at the Term Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Lessons doc(x) Bethany Tubbs
The Precious Name of Jesus

Sermon over the Importance of the Name of Jesus.

God, Jesus, encouragement, oneness
Lessons doc(x) Joshua Smith
Unto All and Upon All

Oneness material in a sermon format.

Lessons doc(x) Aaron Money
Christianese: Church in Plain English

This is a series I did for our highschool aged class called Elevate.The whole series included:The Names of GodThe Kingdom of GodPentecostalsThe Oneness of God

Lessons txt Daniel Phillips